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11 Solid Cars Turned Into Ugly Limousines

Vukasin Herbez September 6, 2017

5. Corvette Funfest C4

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the most iconic American sports cars, and its C4 generation lived through the heyday of 80’s automotive excess. White Corvettes and white stretch limos were an everyday sight during the years of neon, gold and rock music. In a wild era where more was indeed more, Corvettes and limos always went hand in hand, but some brilliant minds decided to make a match made in 80’s heaven.

There’s not much official information on this special build besides that it made the cover of the 2010 Corvette Funfest program. What most people may not know is, unlike other limos, this stretch is V8-powered. The coloration is special too – it is white with a black to gray gradient.

This Corvette stretch limo can sit up to six people. It sold at the Mecum auction in Indianapolis in 2015 for between $20,000 and $30,000. Even though it is based on a low-slung thoroughbred sports car rather than a Lincoln or a Cadillac, the Corvette Funfest C4 has the exact looks of an 80’s stretch limo, complete with blacked-out windows and door sill lights.

While it’s neither the first nor the last Corvette-based stretch, this is an eye-catching car due to its pedigree of a cover star. It is easy to imagine it slowly cruising down the neon-clad streets of 80’s Miami Beach.

6. Chevrolet Suburban Limo

Another Chevy limousine on the list is a completely different kind of a stretch, but is equally cool, albeit in a contrasting way. This huge lifted red stretch limo is based on a 1994 Chevrolet Suburban SUV and is a true monster truck stretch. While the Corvette stretch limo would look the best in 80’s Miami, this eight-door fiery red Chevy Suburban would look great jumping through the swamplands of Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

The cool factor with this Suburban monster stretch doesn’t come from the looks, the luxury, or the refinement, but rather from the sense of pure domination on any given surface or condition. As the Suburban is already a huge SUV, its super-sized stretch version is gargantuan. It’s safe to say that this Suburban stretch makes all modern Escalades, Navigators and Hummers look small, especially because it is four feet off the ground. That means this Suburban stretch can conquer basically any terrain, but it would be a pity to get those chromed rims dirty.

Even rednecks need limos, if not for the prom, then definitely for a wedding and those Kid Rock music videos. The stretched 1994 Chevrolet Suburban is the perfect limousine for any task.

7. Ferrari 360 Limo

Ferrari, an Italian manufacturer of superb sports cars, is all about its roots, and as such, it is reluctant when it comes to making sedans and SUVs. But, even the maker of the greatest cars in the world wasn’t immune to some cool conversions such as their Ferrari 360 Limo. They based their stretch limo on a Ferrari 360, a thoroughbred two-seater sports car powered by a mid-mounted 3.6L V8 engine that produces 400 horsepower.

But, in its limo form, it looks nothing like the Pininfarina-designed car that was coming out of the famous Maranello plant between 1999 and 2005. This superfast stretch limo can fit up to eight people, thanks to three rows of seats behind the driver’s and co-drivers’ seats and one big pair of gullwing doors. This limo might seem sacrilegious to most Ferrari purists, but the UK-based car renting company, Limo Broker, claims it’s one of their most popular models. Who wouldn’t want to share this cool Ferrari with a group of family or friends?

Although this Ferrari 360 stretch can’t go to 282 km/h like its factory-spec counterpart, four times more people can enjoy its glorious soundtrack from the inside. The Ferrari 360 is a sub-zero cool car and its limo version is even cooler.

8. Ford Mustang Limo

The classic Mustang is one of the quintessential American classics. It is the epitome of freedom and a car millions of people love. Whether in coupé, fastback or convertible form, the Mustang is a coveted classic, so people often modify it in endless ways. Most of the time, these mods include engine, brake and suspension upgrades to make the driving more dynamic and exciting, but there are always people who like to push things to another level.

That’s why a group of unknown engineers created a Ford Mustang limo. They based this stretch car on a white 1966 Mustang Coupé with a contrasting black vinyl roof. A trusty old 289 V8 engine with 3-speed automatic transmission powers it. Aside from being stretched, the car has its original looks and mechanics except for rear suspension and seating.

Amenities and creature comforts include air conditioning and power windows, which were both factory options on the original Ford Mustang, too. The result is a clean, cool-looking classic limo that people can’t help but notice. It is an attractive stretch limo because they based it on a classic, white Mustang.

They sold this custom Mustang limo at Specialty Sales Classics, but its current whereabouts are unknown. Wherever it is, somebody is enjoying driving in its comfortable back seat while the 289 rumbles into the sunset.

9. Mercedes-Benz G Class Limo

As one of the strangest and yet coolest cars on the market, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class looks unlike any modern SUV out there. That’s mostly because the G-Class almost hasn’t changed its exterior since its introduction in 1979. Since then, the G-Class has transformed from a utilitarian all-terrain vehicle into a luxurious SUV that can still tackle any mountain trail or backroad out there. Mercedes-Benz recently introduced a 6×6 AMG pickup version of this legendary car, but they also offer the Inkas Group’s stretched G63 AMG.

The stretched G-Wagon includes a luxurious interior and bulletproof glass, all without compromising off-road performance. The amazing handling of this limo comes from a 544 horsepower 5.5L twin-turbo V8 engine powering all four wheels of this luxurious box. The Inkas Group G63 AMG is a limo that can climb the steepest and most demanding terrains in the world, all while offering top-notch safety and world-class comfort.

These features make it not only unique on the wide stretch limo market full of unexpected and opulent conversions but also incredibly cool due to the legendary allure of its source car. The most mind-bending part of this incredible stretched car is the price – the Inkas Group G63 AMG costs worth of $1,000,000, but when you think about it, a limo that’s so safe, attractive and capable, it is worth the price.

10. Armored Truck Limo

There’s an old saying that everything is bigger in Texas. Many times, it’s true because Texas is the unofficial homeland of the largest pickups, such as the Ford F-750 for example. You can find the biggest guns, steaks and the widest brims of cowboy hats in Texas, too. Texas is also known for its huge ranches and oil fields, and where there are cattle and oil, there is also some serious money. In fact, there are regular limos, and then there are Texan stretches.

So, what exactly could be considered a Texan stretch limo? Is it a Cadillac with bullhorns in the front? No, that’s too played out and stereotypical. The real Texan stretch limousine is the armored truck limo. Yes, there’s a limo version of an armored bank truck and it looks as menacing as it sounds. As it’s made of the same materials as the regular bank truck, this stretch is completely bulletproof. Although most people aren’t sure exactly what its main purpose is, it sure looks amazing on the road.

Whether you’re transporting your most valuable possessions or you just want to enjoy a completely next level of safety and privacy, this is the limo for you. There’s just one thing you need to know: this sub-zero cool stretch also costs around a cool million dollars.

11. Trabant Limousine

Any list of strange and cool limousines wouldn`t be complete without the crazy Trabant limo. If you don’t know what is the Trabant, it is East Germany’s micro car with two cylinders and 25 horsepower. The car was small and light because they made it out of plastic, so the performance was decent. The sales were limited to communist East Europe and production lasted until 1990.

During that period, they produced over 3.6 million Trabants, which was quite an achievement for such a little car. After the fall of communism, western enthusiasts thought of the Trabant as a cool and wacky retro-looking car and soon start customizing it. One of the first modifications was turning it into a limousine bay by piecing two or more Trabant bodies together. In short time, they customized many Trabants. They are quite a popular show car in Eastern Europe.

If you find yourself in Berlin or Prague, one of the coolest way to see the sights is to rent a Trabant limousine to cruise the streets with family and/or friends.

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