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11 Solid Cars Turned Into Ugly Limousines

Vukasin Herbez September 6, 2017

10. Armored Truck Limo

There’s an old saying that everything is bigger in Texas. Many times, it’s true because Texas is the unofficial homeland of the largest pickups, such as the Ford F-750 for example. You can find the biggest guns, steaks and the widest brims of cowboy hats in Texas, too. Texas is also known for its huge ranches and oil fields, and where there are cattle and oil, there is also some serious money. In fact, there are regular limos, and then there are Texan stretches.

So, what exactly could be considered a Texan stretch limo? Is it a Cadillac with bullhorns in the front? No, that’s too played out and stereotypical. The real Texan stretch limousine is the armored truck limo. Yes, there’s a limo version of an armored bank truck and it looks as menacing as it sounds. As it’s made of the same materials as the regular bank truck, this stretch is completely bulletproof. Although most people aren’t sure exactly what its main purpose is, it sure looks amazing on the road.

Whether you’re transporting your most valuable possessions or you just want to enjoy a completely next level of safety and privacy, this is the limo for you. There’s just one thing you need to know: this sub-zero cool stretch also costs around a cool million dollars.

11. Trabant Limousine

Any list of strange and cool limousines wouldn`t be complete without the crazy Trabant limo. If you don’t know what is the Trabant, it is East Germany’s micro car with two cylinders and 25 horsepower. The car was small and light because they made it out of plastic, so the performance was decent. The sales were limited to communist East Europe and production lasted until 1990.

During that period, they produced over 3.6 million Trabants, which was quite an achievement for such a little car. After the fall of communism, western enthusiasts thought of the Trabant as a cool and wacky retro-looking car and soon start customizing it. One of the first modifications was turning it into a limousine bay by piecing two or more Trabant bodies together. In short time, they customized many Trabants. They are quite a popular show car in Eastern Europe.

If you find yourself in Berlin or Prague, one of the coolest way to see the sights is to rent a Trabant limousine to cruise the streets with family and/or friends.

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