10 Reasons Modern SUVs Fall Short of Expectations

By Vukasin Herbez
10 Reasons Modern SUVs Fall Short of Expectations

Even if you’re not a car person and you don’t care about the automotive industry, you can’t help but notice how SUVs have taken over our streets. In the last two decades, SUVs of all shapes sizes and makes have become the dominant car class. Not just in America, but also all over the world. It’s incredible how one segment that was only a niche market in the ’90s has become the most populous class in the car industry in just two decades.

During that time, SUVs managed to kill several other classes in their way. The SUVs obliterated minivans, crippled sedans, destroyed station wagons and pushed classic off-roaders out of the picture. Even luxury and sports cars are under fire from performance SUVs. But that’s not all – the appearance of small, compact SUVs affected the compact and subcompact cars greatly. So, in some way, you can call the SUV craze a disease that is spreading across the globe with no sign of stopping.

As you might guess, most people aren’t happy about it. Of course, SUVs are practical and reasonable choices and they have their qualities, but they are far from being all things to all people. Some drivers believe the SUV domination is slowly killing the car industry. Read on to find out the major reasons why.

  1. They All Look the Same

Somebody once said diversity is the foundation of beauty. If we all looked and acted the same, where are the differences, individuality, and variety? The same goes for cars. If cars have the same design and appearance, they are no longer objects of desire and symbols of individuality. Instead, they are just mere appliances with no recognition or design value.

SUVs are slowly turning our streets into a one-dimensional movie set with dozens of the same cars in the same colors all around us. The SUV class is limited in terms of body styles. For instance, only five-door wagons are available, with three-door wagons being an extremely rare sight.

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