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Drive-Thru Workers Reveal The Strangest Things They’ve Seen In Customers’ Cars

Cameron Eittreim April 9, 2021

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2: A Van Full of Nuns

The drive-thru is such a bustling font of activity that there is something new to see every day. The84thWolf details his time at the tender age of 17 working the drive-thru “I was 17 in high school, was a shift supervisor and it was a Sunday with 3 people called out so we were slammed. I was cleaning trays, washing dishes, and taking orders in the back at the same time nonstop for three hours. My manager comes back and says he needs me to push a van that had broken down AT the window. “What MF takes such shitty care of their van!?

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“I start walking to the front door and look out the drive-through window. There is a young lady in full habit attire with 5 other very elderly women, also in full habit attire. I had NEVER seen a nun in person before or since. They look at me and smile. “Sorry about this!” (Without missing a beat) ‘No problem ladies, we’ll take care of it.’ So I and one other guy push it out of the way and helped the tow truck guy when he came. The nuns thanked us, blessed us, and ride off. I look at my coworker. “Did you swear when you heard their car broke down?” “Yup.” “Me too. We’re going to hell.” “YUP.”

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1: The Baby Goat

We’ve heard tales of people bringing farm animals on a ride, so naturally, this story fits the bill. “A baby goat. Curled up on the passenger’s side in the front seat. The woman’s friend was giving away one and she knew if she asked her husband to take his truck to pick it up he’d have refused. She was confident he’d give in once he saw the little guy, who was outrageously cute. Just not if he had to go and get it and think it over since according to her “He’s tired of me bringing animals home.”

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Obviously what we have here is a wife that might have brought one too many stray animals home. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt when you have a baby goat around. Still, this isn’t exactly a dog or a cat, and can you imagine the smell in the car? What a goat of a story.

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