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29: BMW 300 Isetta – $25,000

Although Seinfeld generally centers his collection around Porsches, he does have some unique BMW vehicles as well. The BMW 300 Isetta is a rather unique microcar sold overseas around Europe during the 1950s. The 300 Isetta was the first mass-produced car to achieve 94 mpg and there were over 161,728 units sold. The performance of the 300 Isetta was not exhilarating by any means, but the car still sold well.

BMW 300 Isetta
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For something economical and fairly comfortable, you couldn’t go wrong with the 300 Isetta. When Seinfeld was spotted driving the Isetta in the streets of New York, onlookers were amazed by how tiny the car is. He has also featured this ride on his television show, ‘Riding In Cars With Comedians.’

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