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Uber Drivers Reveal Their Wildest Passenger Horror Stories

Cameron EittreimApril 15, 2021

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4: Strip Club Night

Late-night Uber driving is a fun but oftentimes stressful experience. Buzzfeed user chatterthang told the story of an odd night. “Picked a guy up from a strip club around 5 pm. I had been there for a while and was talkative drunk. The guy started talking to a friend on his phone and kept saying he couldn’t go into detail because he had a lady driver. He told me he was going home and then taking his daughter out to a basketball game because there was an after-game concert she was very excited about.

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“Little did he know (or I know because I was just following the GPS). Dudes in a rumpled suit smell like a strip club and he is not sober. The guy got a resolved look, handed me a few singles, said thanks for the ride boo, and just hitched up his pants like a man embracing his sh***y situation.”

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3: Scrapbooking Driver

We’ve told the stories of Uber drivers who had a unique experience, but what about the rider’s point of view? Reddit user wheatleybun told the story of a scrapbooking Uber driver. “Not a driver.. but was recently a passenger in an Uber. It was a Monday morning, so of course, I was a little down and not in the mood to talk too much. The driver starts going on about how beautiful the weather is and starts explaining a good day starts with being positive.

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“She then asks if I would like to see her book. I was a little confused, but I said sure. She starts explaining that she carries this scrapbook with index cards and markers for all of her riders. She said she usually asks them to write some sort of positive message or just tells them they can simply write whatever they want.”

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2: The Fun Beverage Guy

Beverage salesmen go from state to state to sell and license different drinks. Uber driver Mission_Ride312 told the story of meeting a beverage salesman who was having a good night. “I drove for Uber and Lyft for a short time. There was one situation I will never forget. He had down with Cubs gear (he told me about 400 dollars worth) and trashed from drinking all day at the game.

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“The first thing he says when he gets in is, “I know my destination is X, but I need to go to my hotel first to put all this stuff away.” I say, “no problem” and he lets me know how appreciative he is and he will “make it worth my time.” I honestly didn’t mind waiting because the ride was still active so I was still making money. He gets back in the car and we start heading toward his original destination (about 30 minutes away).”

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1: Strip Club Tales

The strip club is a focal point of most Uber driver’s stories that we’ve read. Reddit user artmagic95833 told a quick strip club story. “Because I’m late to the party, but whatever Long story short, I got a fare to go to a strip club with the rider, who paid for the entire night and ended it by giving me $500 because “that is what was left.” As you can see, the strip club managed to be a fruitful experience for this Uber driver.

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Uber drivers have some of the best and worst experiences of anyone in the ridesharing business. One of the best thing about Uber riding is the fact that you get to meet a different face every night.

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