Top 10 Most Hilarious Mechanic Stories Ever Told

By Vukasin Herbez
Top 10 Most Hilarious Mechanic Stories Ever Told

These are so face-palm…

Reading some of these stories is almost like watching a train wreck. You want to look away, but the temptation to read on is just too great. Looking across the broad spectrum of generally insane stories on the internet, we’ve gathered some real hilarious tales for your enjoyment.

From the perspective of shocked mechanics and frustrated customer, here’s the most shocking mechanic tales we could find:

Prius Don’t Need Oil

As told by an article on Jalopnik, this lady took her car in to a mechanic, complaining of warning lights and poor drive quality. Read the shocking tale for yourself:

“An older lady bought a Prius. One day it had thrown a CEL and started driving like shit, so she took it to the dealer to be fixed. The mechanics started on it and they found the problem. So, they asked her when the last time she had the oil changed and her response was, ‘never, the Prius doesn’t have a motor, so why would I do that?’

The engine was shot from never having an oil change.”

Oh my…

Bowling Ball

Here’s one from the Reddit mechanic forums, and it’s a doozy:

And a more recent one: customer comes in complaining of a heavy clunking when stopping and the same clunk when moving from a stop.

There was a bowling ball in the trunk.

So much fail.

MPG Fail

Here’s one from my own personal experience as a mechanic in a small local garage. A woman brought her car in complaining of high fuel consumption. She claimed she was getting far under the spec description of 44 MPG.

After plugging her car in with the reader and getting no faults, I performed a visual inspection but found nothing. The O2 sensors were brand new, as was the car with less than 2,000 miles on it.Upon asking the customer how she knew it was drinking too much fuel, the answer tickled me pink.

She told me the MPG dial on the car kept going up and down, sometimes as low as 10 MPG depending on how fast she was going. I gently explained that average miles per gallon and a real time MPG reader are two different things and actually changing to her average MPG dial showed 40 MPG overall.

She became irate and claimed I was trying to fleece her. This went on for an hour before she left, I heard from one of our sales team that she had phoned them the next day asking for a refund on her purchase.

Please wait 5 sec.