Brake/Parenting Fail

Another one from Jalopnik:

“Had a customer come in a while back. Said her brakes were spongy. Here’s what I found. Now I asked myself ‘DID YOU NOT HEAR A GRINDING NOISE!!!’ So we had her come to the back and showed her. The service writer and I said this was very dangerous, and that we’ve never seen anything like this before. She starts dancing and asking where here prize was. The kicker to the whole thing was the car seats in the back. People amaze me.”

Mysterious Rattling Sound

Here’s a simple but rather stupid one from Reddit:

Had a car come into my shop a few years back complaining of a rattling when driving. 3 road tests later we find the bearings, brakes, steering and suspension components all good, exhaust was solid. Turns out the rattling was from the plastic hubcaps. Some of the clips had started to break and when driving the cap would shift and rattle on the wheel. We explain to the customer and ask if they want to buy a new set, take them off or just leave it as is. They decline the new ones and want the caps on, so we just put it all back together. Charge them for the inspection and send them on their way.

5 minutes later they’re back complaining that it’s still rattling.

Please wait 5 sec.