1993 Accord
via: Honda

39: Honda Accord (1989-1993)

The Honda Accord hit its stride during the start of the nineties. The popular name was more modern and more refined than ever before. Honda began to break sales records with the Accord and this caused an upstir with domestic automakers. The Accord was sleek and comfortable with more than enough power to compensate for the size increase. To this day the Accord has remained a top seller for the company in the passenger car segment. Ford and GM have both dropped out of the passenger car market due to the success of the Accord.

1993 Honda Accord
via: Car Domain

This specific generation of the Accord was the best-selling car in America from 1990-1992. The Accord has a lot to offer families in terms of value and safety. This is why the car skyrocketed after the mainstream redesign and has remained a fixture of the automotive industry. Anyone who was around in the nineties knows this Accord body style.

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