Subaru SVX
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24: Subaru SVX

Up until very recently, Subaru was still making its way onto the American automotive market. The SVX was an attempt to captivate the sports car market and is often underrated. The Giorgetto Giugiaro design was way ahead of its time in the ’90s. The SVX is a rarity on the roads anymore. Performance was more than adequate for the ’90s and it also had AWD.

Subaru SVX
via: Subaru

There’s no doubt that the SVX holds a special place in the history of sports cars, although it is often overshadowed by vehicles like the 300ZX and the 3000GT. This was a ’90s sports car that could hold its own on the track and in city streets. From its standout design to its performance, the SVX is a hidden gem.

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