Pontiac LeMans GSE
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

49: Pontiac LeMans GSE

You might not realize it, but there was a time when Pontiac sold a hatchback that was built by Korean automaker Daewoo. The LeMans GSE was popular for a short period, partly due to the affordable price tag and attractive styling. But what happened soon after that was a consumer backlash over inferior build quality. These cars would routinely spend time in the shop even when they were fresh off the showroom floor. Dials would fall off of the controls and the interior would deteriorate at a rapid pace.

Pontiac LeMans GSE
Photo Credit: Car Domain

Not the experience that you wanted in a brand new car, and as such the LeMans was shuttered quite rapidly. You can still find these cars on the road, but they are few and far between. Generally, the only people who enjoyed the LeMans were the elderly. The car just didn’t have the quality nor staying power to remain a part of the Pontiac lineup. Interestingly enough Pontiac would go on to offer a subcompact car in America decades later, again based on a Daewoo.

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