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38: Nissan NX2000

Few compact cars were as polarizing as the Nissan NX2000 was during its heyday. The carmaker was branching out in a new direction and the NX2000 was at the forefront. The car was a unique blend of styling and design, coupled with enough passion to gain a loyal following. The performance of the car was spunky and very similar to the Sentra SE-R it was based on. The sales of the NX2000 were not enough to justify the car and Nissan axed it prematurely.

Nissan NX2000
via: Nissan

But for sheer nineties design, the NX2000 is something special. Initial buyers were taken aback by the beautiful exterior styling and the interesting features. The NX2000 had removable T-Tops and hatchback design, the car was practical and fun to drive at the same time. You can still find these cars in excellent condition and the replacement parts are dirt cheap.

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