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20 Rock Superstars With Unique Car Collections

Vukasin Herbez February 25, 2020

2. Tom Petty

The music industry was in shock when the sad news of Petty’s passing arrived. One of the biggest names in contemporary American rock, he died due to a heart condition. This was tragic news for lovers of his clean rock sound and honest lyrics.

Petty wasn’t a big car guy, but he was fond of his future classic Jaguar XJS convertible, which he drove for over 20 years. He claimed that the laid-back feeling of a comfy Jaguar convertible was best suited to his lifestyle and music.

1. Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee was the drummer of the legendary hair metal band, Motley Crue and a rock and roll survivor. He is also one of the most interesting car guys in popular music. During the height of his fame in the late ’80s, Lee was a Ferrari owner with a dozen cars in his garage.

Unfortunately, he also had numerous DUI charges and car crashes. Eventually, Tommy moved on and his latest purchase is a cool-looking bright yellow 1968 Chevrolet Impala Lowrider.

These are the legendary rock music stars and their cars. Although sadly, some of them are gone, most of these musicians still have great taste for flashy rides.

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