Mercedes 600 – Missing Link Between Celebrities, Dictators and Rock Stars

By vukasin

If you watched closely old movies, TV shows and news reports you probably noticed big, long and often black Mercedes as an obligatory part of any parade, movie premiere or celebrity reception. That Mercedes look familiar with signature grille and front fascia but it was much bigger and flashier than anything you could see on the street. This was the Mercedes 600 (chassis code W100) and there is a good reason why you couldn’t see it on the road. The 600 was ultra-luxury, custom made and extremely expensive limousine suited for most discriminating customers, wealthy dictators, and movie stars.

Introduced in 1963, Mercedes 600 was the most ambitious project company had ever attempted. The goal was to create the best luxury car in the world and very soon car public all over the world admitted that Mercedes managed to do just that. The 600 was filled with technological marvels, big powerful 6.3-liter V8 engine, and top of the line materials. It was hand build masterpiece of engineering, opulence, and luxury.

The 600 was discontinued in 1981 after over 2500 were built. The car proved to be a tremendous success especially when you know that each one cost a small fortune to own and maintain. Over the years it becomes synonymous with wealthy people of taste and knowledge as well as favorite transportation of dictators, celebrities and rock stars all over the world. Today, we will tell you the story about Mercedes 600 through some of its most famous owners.

1. David Bowie

The legendary British musician was never a car person. He didn’t own many flashy cars or entered car shows. However, on the height of his fame is the early `70s, Bowie bought special Landaulette version which had back portion of the roof removable. He used the car often and can be seen in many of the period`s promotional shots.