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20 Reasons Drivers Will Choose Ford’s F-150 Over Tesla’s Cybertruck

Cameron EittreimNovember 24, 2021

Photo Credit: Tesla

2: Lack of Truck Bed Accessories

In addition to that polarizing styling, the Cybertruck’s bed is also fairly limited. Due to the extreme shape of it, you won’t be able to purchase traditional pickup truck accessories. Some of these include camper shells and bike racks, which won’t otherwise fit on the truck. We’re not sure why Tesla was so extreme with the styling because it will certainly alienate a portion of the buyers (via MSN).

Photo Credit: Ford

Cybertruck drivers will be the same pickup truck shoppers that take a weekend trip to Home Depot. There will also be commercial drivers who would otherwise accept the truck if they could install a lumber rack or camper shell on the back of it.

Photo Credit: Tesla

1: Limited Wheels

The last thing about the Cybertruck that’s going to limit some customers are the wheels. Truck buyers love to get custom wheels and lift their trucks. With the Cybertruck, this isn’t going to be the case. Tesla is absolute on which wheels they put on their cars, and there are all kinds of sensors that go to these wheels (via CTOC).

Photo Credit: Ford

You won’t go down to the off-road warehouse and get some new rubber installed on your Cybertruck. The Ford F-150 Lightning, on the other hand, can use the same aftermarket wheels as your plumber’s F-150 work truck. This will make a huge difference in which customers pick which truck at the end of the day.

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