1. Land Rover Defender

They discontinued the original Defender in 2016, but you can still find some leftover models at the Land Rover dealership. This Land Rover was one of the models with the longest lifespan in the whole car industry. The first Series 1 model appeared in 1948. Over the years, they have improved and redesigned the Defender many times. However, it has still retained its rugged exterior, exceptional build quality, and uncompromised off-road capabilities.

The Defender would still be in production if it wasn’t for modern safety and environmental standards, which forced Land Rover to retire this iconic vehicle. That is why the new Defender is on its way for 2018. The final design should look like the DC 100 concept from 2011. Unfortunately, no further information is available, so no one knows what to expect in terms of engines or equipment. However, Land Rover never disappoints, so you can be sure the new Defender will fulfill the high expectations of off-road driving fans.

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