1. Chrysler 440 V8

From 1965 to 1978, the Chrysler 440 CID V8 was one of the most popular big blocks on the car market. It was the last version of an ancient RB big block V8. This engine was available in almost all Chrysler products, including Dodge, Plymouth and luxury Imperials. It was even in pickups and trucks. The 440 was a tough, dependable unit and when equipped with a performance intake, it was one of the best muscle car street engines you could buy.

The high-performance versions produced 375 HP. But when they equipped them with the famous “Six Pack” intake system with three two-barrel carburetors, the power output was 395 HP. They often compared the 440 V8 to the Hemi since they produced similar power and were installed in similar models. However, the Hemi was a bit more powerful and had a bigger tuning potential, which meant a lot to serious racers.

During the 70’s, the compression levels declined, and so did the power levels. It meant that in 1978, the 440 V8 was just a big engine without the big power. In the “police interceptor” package for 1978, the once mighty 440 V8 produced just 255 HP.

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