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Car TV’s Reality Show Stars: Where Are They Now?

Cameron EittreimApril 27, 2021

Photo Credit: Biker

2: Billy Lane – The Great Biker Build-Off

Perhaps no bike builder has had as tough of a run as Billy Lane did. He started with much fanfare and popularity only to be involved in a vehicular manslaughter case in 2006. The popular bike builder managed to build a custom bike for the U.S. military in 2014 during his incarceration. A lot of motorcycle fans have wondered what lane is up to these days. Recently, the chopper builder has relocated to Florida.

Photo Credit: Biker

Lane is in the process of reopening his shop and looks to be still heavily involved in the bike scene. With a can-do personality and a winning spirit, Lane will undoubtedly continue to be a fixture in the custom chopper community for years to come.

Photo Credit: Discovery

1: Dave Sparks – Diesel Brothers

“Diesel Dave,” as he’s called, is one of the most popular diesel truck builders in the country. His work was featured on the hit TV show ‘The Diesel Brothers’ alongside Dave Kiley. After the show was canceled, the two have quietly moved onto other ventures. Most recently Sparks authored a line of custom diesel truck accessories. He was also part of a diesel truck giveaway with the Ford motor company and continues to be a fixture at automotive shows.

Photo Credit: Discovery

Throughout his success, he has always managed to give back in some sort of way. His company Diesel Power Gear offers a wide range of diesel truck parts to increase performance. So without being on reality TV anymore, Sparks manages to continue his legacy.

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