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40 Unforgettable Sports Cars Of The ‘80s and ‘90s

Cameron EittreimSeptember 3, 2020

Shelby CSX
via: Car Domain

2: Shelby CSX

The Dodge Shadow was an unassuming compact car for the duration of its life, so when Carroll Shelby decided to supercharge it many in the automotive community were interested. The Shelby CSX was the Dodge Shadow but on steroids, and it had a lot going for it during the ’80s and ’90s. Power was derived from an intercooler Turbo II 2.2 L inline-four, producing 175 hp (130 kW) at 5300 rpm. The power was just right for a car that was this small, and results were exceptional when it came to performance.

Shelby CSX
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The car wasn’t much to look at but, the ground effects helped give it an updated look. The CSX is perhaps one of the most unique parts of ’90s automotive culture. The distinct design and signature performance was a high point for a compact car that had these dimensions. Rarity and hot hatches are not what they used to be, but the CSX is a car that’s worth considering.

Dodge Spirit R/T
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1: Dodge Spirit R/T

Finally, we have one of the most underrated and potentially iconic sports cars to ever grace the automotive landscape. The Dodge Spirit R/T was the fastest four-door sedan mass-produced in 1991 and 1992 according to automotive historians. The car was amazingly fast and rivaled sedans even produced to this very day. Built on the K-Car platform. the Spirit was the last bit of fun for Dodge before the cab-forward cars took over.

Spirit R/T
via: Motor Week

The Spirit R/T is a rare sedan in today’s automotive market, but you can find one from time to time. The trick is to find an original-owner model that has been well maintained. With the right care and maintenance and the fact that the K-Car platform is so universally used by Chrysler, the Spirit R/T is an easy car to build upon.

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