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40 Unforgettable Sports Cars Of The ‘80s and ‘90s

Cameron EittreimSeptember 3, 2020

2001 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning.

5: Ford F-150 Lightning (Second Generation)

There’s no doubt that Ford was having fun during the ’90s in terms of creating fun-to-drive projects from the SVT division. Another one of these projects was the second-generation Ford F-150 Lightning. This stylish-looking single cab truck was tremendously faster than the first generation. Its styling is iconic after it was featured in the original Fast & Furious movie.

Ford F150 Lightning
via: Ford

The Ford F-150 Lightning had a powerful presence on the street and the track, making for a stellar pickup truck that could double as a sports car. The truck didn’t change much over its short production run, although there were subtle horsepower increases over time. The truck was available with an automatic transmission and a bench seat, but there wasn’t an extended cab version. Overall, the Ford F-150 Lightning in its second generation is a truck worth considering for any collector.

'80s and '90s
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4: Mercury Cougar

The Ford “New Edge” design scheme was seen across quite a few vehicles. The Cougar is one of the final cars to wear this new design aesthetic. The car was designed by Darrell Behmer and the goal was to attract female buyers into the showroom. Performance-wise, the car got its powerplant from the Ford Contour and it managed to perform admirably in most circumstances. There were two engine choices for the Cougar, a 2.0 L 4-cylinder, or the 2.5 L V6.

'80s and '90s
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Both of them performed very well, and the optional leather interior gives the car an upscale look inside. The Mercury Cougar is sure to become a collector’s item because this was one of the last two-door Mercury vehicles ever created. The brand has since folded and the Mercuries you’ll see on the road will become lesser.

'80s and '90s
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3: Pontiac Fiero

The Pontiac Fiero was one of the most underutilized and most scrutinized sports cars to come out of a GM factory. The first problem was the fact that the car had suffered from engine compartment fires early on. This created a media frenzy for GM and there was a recall on the car, but aside from this, the Fiero was an excellent car to drive. The unique look of the car had some of the aggressive stylings some Pontiac models had seen. The only direct competition for the Fierro was the Toyota MR2.

'80s and '90s
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Finding a mid-engined sports car for as cheaply as you can get the Fiero is a hard thing to do. With the design elements and the capability to do an engine swap, the Pontiac Fiero is an excellent platform to build on. Not to mention that cool-looking ’80s styling that makes the Fiero reminiscent of a better time.

Shelby CSX
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2: Shelby CSX

The Dodge Shadow was an unassuming compact car for the duration of its life, so when Carroll Shelby decided to supercharge it many in the automotive community were interested. The Shelby CSX was the Dodge Shadow but on steroids, and it had a lot going for it during the ’80s and ’90s. Power was derived from an intercooler Turbo II 2.2 L inline-four, producing 175 hp (130 kW) at 5300 rpm. The power was just right for a car that was this small, and results were exceptional when it came to performance.

Shelby CSX
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The car wasn’t much to look at but, the ground effects helped give it an updated look. The CSX is perhaps one of the most unique parts of ’90s automotive culture. The distinct design and signature performance was a high point for a compact car that had these dimensions. Rarity and hot hatches are not what they used to be, but the CSX is a car that’s worth considering.

Dodge Spirit R/T
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1: Dodge Spirit R/T

Finally, we have one of the most underrated and potentially iconic sports cars to ever grace the automotive landscape. The Dodge Spirit R/T was the fastest four-door sedan mass-produced in 1991 and 1992 according to automotive historians. The car was amazingly fast and rivaled sedans even produced to this very day. Built on the K-Car platform. the Spirit was the last bit of fun for Dodge before the cab-forward cars took over.

Spirit R/T
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The Spirit R/T is a rare sedan in today’s automotive market, but you can find one from time to time. The trick is to find an original-owner model that has been well maintained. With the right care and maintenance and the fact that the K-Car platform is so universally used by Chrysler, the Spirit R/T is an easy car to build upon.

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