Lotus Elan
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38: Lotus Elan (M100)

Lotus doesn’t always get the same amount of love as the other exotic automakers do. But the Elan stands out in a pool of nineties sports cars. The thing with the Elan is the superb handling, the can rides like a dream on twists and turns. The Elan used the same magic that made the Mazda Miata popular and it has made the car quite valuable. The Lotus Elan (M100) was never a powerhouse sports car but it provided true driving pleasure. The design is quintessential nineties with pop-up headlights and its bright color palette.

Finding a Lotus Elan (M100) is not necessarily difficult and the car has a reasonable asking price most of the time. Maintenance of these cars is also not difficult and there were not a whole lot of technological features in the car. This means that for a small price, you can enjoy authentic driving pleasure.

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