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25 Things We Know About The New Mustang Mach-1

Cameron Eittreim June 18, 2020

Mustang Eco Boost
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2: Mach-1 Safety Features

The Mach-1 is not just a faster Mustang, it is also a much safer model. Ford has gone to great lengths to make the Mustang a safer car. Lane departure warning systems are standard in all Mustang models, even this one. Coupled with that is a selection of airbags that includes side airbags and front passenger airbags. These supplemental restraint systems coupled with the driver-assist function make the Mustang safe to drive.

Ford Mustang Eco
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This was an important thing for Ford to focus on because there are a lot of teenagers who drive these cars. We’re not saying that most 16-year olds are going to jump behind the wheel of one of these. But if they do, the car is a much safer vehicle.

Ford Shelby GT500
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1: This Mach-1 Is Only The Beginning

With the Bullitt and the Mach-1, Ford has some hits on their hands. Now the company is going to release other special-edition Mustang models. The Mustang in general is a piece of history, which has made the brand a much-reveled piece of culture. With this icon making its return, the Mustang is back in the spotlight once again.

Ford Mustang Convertible
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Ford has done this before with “buzz” cars like the Raptor. With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s nice to see an automaker who is trying to release something special. The Mach-1 is a car that you can be proud to drive, and also a pony car that will increase in value as time goes on.

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