Oldsmobile Tornado
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38: 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado

Although you probably couldn’t tell nowadays, there was a time when Oldsmobile was one of the most forward-thinking automotive brands. Oldsmobile brought us the first consumer airbag system and a host of other advances. Their ’70s models were especially forward-thinking as the fuel crisis was going on at the time. The 1970 Toronado is not often characterized as a muscle car but it had just as exciting performance as the rest. The long sloping styling of the car and the two-door design made for a fun machine. Because the Oldsmobile Cutlass is the first car that comes to mind for enthusiasts the Toronado is still affordable.

Oldsmobile Tornado
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Yet values on these have been spiking recently as a new generation starts to invest in the classics. There are very few cars that were as unique as the Toronado, and the car had a lot of advances. The Toronado benefits from the vast catalog of GM performance parts, and upgrading to a modern LS engine is not hard to do. When it comes to classic coupes the Toronado is about as unique as you can get.

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