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Classic Muscle Cars Whose Values Skyrocketed In 2020

Cameron EittreimAugust 31, 2020

AMC Marlin
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

2: AMC Marlin

When it comes to unique aspects of automotive history, the AMC Marlin is a respectable car. Initially released in very low production numbers to increase showroom traffic the Marlin had a stylistic choice like no other. Swooping lines made the AMC Marlin a unique muscle car with a lot of potentials. When you compared it to other models, on the market the AMC Marlin was among the most unique. Power was derived from a 287 cu in (4.7 L) 189 hp (141 kW; 192 PS) V8 2-bbl, which was just one of many available motors.

AMC Marlin
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

There were a lot of “pure ’60s” features on the car such as the “Flash-O-Matic” transmission. There’s no doubt that AMC was trying to bring back American ingenuity, and the AMC Marlin did this quite well. When you think about muscle cars from this era, the AMC Marlin is a standout vehicle to say the least.

Oldsmobile Toronado
Photo Credit: Mecum

1: Oldsmobile Toronado 1966-1968

Finally, we have one of the rarest entries on our list, the Oldsmobile Toronado. The Toronado was famous for many automotive advancements such as being one of the first vehicle makes with a modern airbag. Of course, this wasn’t the 1966-1968 model, but still, the brand lived on for some time. The Oldsmobile Toronado was fast and that performance came from a 425 cu in (7.0 L) 385 hp (287 kW) Rocket V8. This was a powerplant that was notorious with the Oldsmobile brand, and it gave the car a serious amount of performance.

Oldsmobile Toronado
Photo Credit: Car Revs Daily

Vehicle enhancements to the interior made the Toronado a nice riding piece of machinery. The outlandish exterior styling was only accompanied by the performance under the hood. Because the Oldsmobile brand is extinct, the Toronado is only going to continue to gain traction as its values go up on the auction block. You can expect to pay a pretty penny for a clean Oldsmobile Toronado.

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