Mercury Cougar
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39: 1977 Mercury Cougar

For the 1977 model year, the Cougar was redesigned and there are some important things to note about this model year. The 1977 Cougars could be ordered in a wagon, which is quite rare in the muscle car world. You’ve probably never seen a Cougar wagon on the road, and that’s because these were manufactured in very low volume. The 1977 Cougar was a departure from the previous generations of the car, it was much larger now. With that increase in size also came a larger 400-cubic inch motor. If you can find the wagon with the bigger motor you’ll be in store for something very special.

Mercury Cougar
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As with the prior generations, the car has a lot of luxury features. These were comfortable cars to drive and market much different then the Ford versions were. The late-’70s Cougar models were often underrated, and are just now starting to appreciate. If you can find a clean one in great condition, this is a special car to get. With the right build, the 1977 Mercury Cougar is a solid sleeper.

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