1972 Ford Mustang
via: Ford

38: 1972 Ford Mustang

The early seventies Mustang is often the most forgotten of all of the models. Right on the cusp of the fuel crisis, the car just didn’t farewell. The design was sort of an in-between from the iconic initial model and then the pinto based model that came later on. The exterior styling was polarizing and it didn’t always connect with consumers. Although the car still sold fairly well, base models were often forgotten about.

1972 Ford Mustang Sprint edition fastback
1972 Ford Mustang Sprint edition fastback via: Car And Driver

A lot of reliability and build quality issues started to creep up during this period as Ford was attempting to cut costs. Lee Iacocca was also absent from this generation of the Mustang as he had moved on to saving Chrysler corporation. The 1972 Mustang is probably one of the most forgotten renditions of the storied car line.

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