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25 ’90s Cars Drivers Are In No Hurry To Remember

Cameron Eittreim February 4, 2020

1989 Dodge Colt
via: Car Domain

1. Mitsubishi Colt

The Colt was another fairly popular compact car from this period. Mitsubishi was selling them with a variety of different badges on them, including Dodge. The Colt in its regular form was a hatchback like the Suzuki Swift. The car had a lot going for it including an optional turbo version. The Colt had a roomy interior and the car was available in quite a few options that made it a viable choice.

1989 Dodge Colt
via: Car Gurus

Fortunately, a cheap build quality and a lack of reputation made the Colt a forgettable member of the Mitsubishi lineup. There were quite a few cheap compacts from this period and the Colt was among them. You do see these cars from time to time, but it’s few and far between because the offering was so subpar.

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