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25 ’90s Cars Drivers Are In No Hurry To Remember

Cameron Eittreim February 4, 2020

1996 Hyundai Tiburon
via: Car Photos

7. Hyundai Tiburon

The Tiburon is another decent Hyundai from the ’90s. The company was expanding and cheap sports cars seemed to be the way to go. But the Tiburon didn’t offer much different from the Scoupe. What was essentially a two-door Elantra ended up being a cheap mode of transportation. The Tiburon didn’t stand out from the crowd in terms of performance and became forgotten quickly.

via: Car Invasion
via: Car Invasion

Aside from fading into the memory of the ’90s, the Tiburon was also a lackluster performer. Which means that you won’t find very many of these that were taken care of. Instead you’ll find junkyard-worthy examples that have been put through the ringer and suffer from ’90s Hyundai build quality.

Infinti G20
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6. Infiniti G20

This short-stacked little sedan was notorious for being a cheap part of the Infiniti lineup. The brand was working on competing with other luxury brands from Toyota and Honda, but the cars coming out at the time were forgetful. The G20 was a particularly sad example of what a compact luxury car should not be. It was nothing more than a slightly fancier Sentra.

Infiniti G20
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But the shoddy build quality and lightweight design made the car an impossible mix of what could have beens. The car never had a chance of competing against much more refined offerings from the Germans. The only thing that the G20 did have going for it was bulletproof reliability.

X90 via Daily News
via: Daily News

5. Suzuki X-90

Suzuki wasn’t quite in the same boat as Hyundai during the ’90s, but it was close. The brand was constantly tethering on the edge of obscurity. The only good thing that Suzuki had going for it was its motorsports division. The X-90 was a small two-seater SUV that the brand was hoping to market to a younger demographic. The fun colors and open-air design made the X-90 look like nothing else on the market. But aside from being cheaply-made it was also only a two-seater.

1995 Suzuki X90
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Even the in-house Sidekick had more interior volume then the X-90. What was a pretty cool concept never really managed to latch on with consumers. The car just wasn’t appealing on a broad enough scale and thus you don’t see these things that often anymore.

Nissan NX2000
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4. Nissan NX2000

The ’90s were full of Japanese cars that were not sporty enough. The Nissan NX2000 was very similar in design to the Mazda MX-3, another hatchback sports car. The features that the Nissan NX2000 had made it seem like an appealing buy on paper. But the reality was that it just couldn’t handle the everyday tasks of being a real sports car. The forgettable design made these things fall out of favor very quickly.

Nissan NX2000
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The folks at Nissan were offering all types of incentives to give these things away. There are some interesting features, but for the most part it was a dud through due to lack of design.

Isuzu Impulse
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3. Isuzu Impulse

There were quite a few forgotten compact cars from the ’90s that you might not remember. The Impulse is one of these cars. The company began to shift its focus to sport utility vehicles. The Impulse is a car that might not have had a chance at life had the company not already had cheap compact cars. You seldom see one of these driving around, but surprisingly the Geo Storm was quite popular.

Isuzu Impulse
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The Impulse had a lot of potential had the design been implemented right. But when it comes down to it ,the Impulse was just another cheap Japanese car that didn’t have what it needed to survive. There was a lot of competition around this time and the Impulse got lost in a sea of it.

1981 Isuzu Imark
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2. Isuzu I-Mark

Another part of the failed Isuzu sedan lineup is the I-Mark. This interesting-looking sedan was tiny and didn’t have too many interesting features. Isuzu was on the way out of the passenger car business, so the I-Mark didn’t need to attract buyers to a great degree. The company wasn’t going to be putting a whole lot of time and energy into this car and thus it went the way of other cheap imports at the time. There were very few of them made.

Isuzu Imark
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Had Isuzu put more emphasis into their passenger cars, there is a good chance that the company might be with us today. But cheap competition from Hyundai and other affordable car makers all but made Isuzu the walking joke of the automotive industry.

1989 Dodge Colt
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1. Mitsubishi Colt

The Colt was another fairly popular compact car from this period. Mitsubishi was selling them with a variety of different badges on them, including Dodge. The Colt in its regular form was a hatchback like the Suzuki Swift. The car had a lot going for it including an optional turbo version. The Colt had a roomy interior and the car was available in quite a few options that made it a viable choice.

1989 Dodge Colt
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Fortunately, a cheap build quality and a lack of reputation made the Colt a forgettable member of the Mitsubishi lineup. There were quite a few cheap compacts from this period and the Colt was among them. You do see these cars from time to time, but it’s few and far between because the offering was so subpar.

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