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20 Insane Car Mods That Are Illegal In The United States

Cameron EittreimAugust 23, 2021

Photo Credit: Super Street

2: Rolling Coal

There is no doubt that you’ve missed those lifted 4X4 trucks spewing black smoke all over the road. This is a term that’s dubbed “rolling coal” and it’s illegal in most states. The black smoke chips that we covered earlier in the article are only a small portion of the problem. Some older diesel trucks just spew black smoke naturally and the owners do this on purpose.

Photo Credit: Super Street

There are many instances where rolling coal has caused a road rage incident between two or more drivers. The end result is never pretty and you can bet that you’ll have a lot of issues when it comes to rolling coal. Rolling coal might seem like fun but the negative impact on your wallet won’t be.

Photo Credit: Boss Exhaust

1: Catalytic Converter Delete

Catalytic converters are an important part of the emissions system that’s put into your vehicle. If you bypass this system you are going to be in trouble with the smog authorities in your state. Nevertheless, many people tend to find a way to cut out or bypass this system to increase the performance or the sound of their vehicle.

Photo Credit: Boss Exhaust

There is no right way to do this, and most automakers have installed computer systems that let the vehicle know when the airflow just isn’t right. When you remove a catalytic converter you are removing an important part of the vehicle, and this usually won’t work out.

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