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18 Influential All-Wheel Drive Cars

Vukasin Herbez May 21, 2019

  1. Tesla Model S

The Model S is not the first car that Tesla produced but it is by far the most globally popular and influential. It is the first fully electric sedan they produced in significant numbers. In fact, this car singlehandedly created the electric car market. They introduced it in 2012. But since then, the Tesla Model S production has passed the 200,000-example mark.

And that makes it the most advanced and successful electric vehicle in the world. The Model S is not only famous for its pioneering construction, but also for its unusual features, many of the industry’s first. With its unbelievable performance, it was a controversial vehicle when they released it.

Also, the Model S is a symbol of progress and forward thinking. One of its most important features is its AWD system, which is totally different from its gasoline-powered competitors. Tesla’s AWD consists of four electric motors that independently power each wheel. Interestingly, they are controlled by a highly advanced system for perfect traction and road holding.

You now know about 18 of the most influential all-wheel-drive cars they ever made. Which one of these spoke to you? The best news is, the AWD will continue to evolve and become mainstream in modern cars.

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