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14 New Cars You Should Avoid Buying

Vukasin HerbezDecember 28, 2017

  1. Nissan Versa Sedan

The compact sedan market is full of interesting cars from the domestic as well as import brands. The Nissan Versa Sedan is one of the models that is a common choice in this segment. However, it is not a particularly good car and most car experts don’t recommend it. The first problem is its design.

First, compared to other Nissan cars, the Versa Sedan is ugly and disproportional in appearance. Second, the interior is below the standards of the industry, both in quality and features. Third, the Versa is famous for engine issues that have plagued this model from the beginning. Most consumers wouldn’t want to drive an ugly car with a bad interior and faulty engine.

The next time you go car shopping, remember these 14 new cars you should avoid buying. Although you may want to save money, you don’t want to skimp on safety, fuel economy or performance.

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