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14 Most Powerful V8 Engines Currently Available

Vukasin Herbez December 22, 2017

14. Nissan 5.6-liter VK56VD V8

Available in various Nissan and Infiniti products, this V8 powerplant is not your average performance engine. But that is not why it is featured on this list. This engine is a perfect balance between performance, durability and practicality. You can find it in performance models, as well as in big SUVs and trucks.

They made the VK56VD out of light alloy materials, so it features 5.6-liters of displacement. The power ranges from 390 HP to 420 HP, depending on the application. In Australia, Nissan races in the V8 Supercar championship where those engines deliver up to 650 HP in race tune.

The quality of Nissan’s V8 also shined when they installed in the Titan pickup truck. In the Titan, this light but powerful unit shows its true nature. It is also durable and trouble-free for many miles, despite the hard working conditions.

These are the best modern V8 engines today, but keep your eyes open for future updates to this famous horsepower powerhouse.

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