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Top 10 Weirdest Cars Ever Made

Vukasin Herbez March 9, 2017

Double Beetle

Just gonna leave this here…credit: Bored Panda.

Colim Caravan

The new vehicle design by Christian Susana is a nice combination of a car and a caravan camper. Christian has called it Colim (Colors of Life in Motion), which might not win many points in the looks department, but still is quite useful given the kind of flexibility it offers. Colim caravan concept provides the advantage of detaching the front part if one does not have a usage for the home part.

Design-wise, it reminds more of geometric shape, which one can say to be a welcome change from the regular designs, but the designer has really explored the possibility of using different shapes which may pave way for better-shaped cars.

World’s Longest Limo

This piece of Americana is 100ft long, has 26 tires and can house more than a football team. Equipped with a Jacuzzi, helipad and full bar facilities, it’s the ultimate way to drive in weird style.

Just don’t try cornering in it.

Terrafugia Transition

Only two of these cars have currently been ordered at a cost of $279K each, but what’s unique about it? Well, the Terrafugia is not just designed for driving on land, this thing flies too.

Is it legal? Hell yes!

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