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Top Vehicles To Help Drivers Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Vukasin Herbez February 28, 2020

Although the zombie apocalypse is a popular fictional concept and highly unlikely to happen, a surprising amount of people believe this kind of scenario is a possibility. As a result, there are many related items for sale focusing on it, from zombie apocalypse survival kits to manuals on how to deal with a zombie invasion.

But what about cars? Fans of the popular horror movie characters debate what would be the perfect zombie apocalypse car. A fragile, high-priced supercar would be unusable to an extent in a zombie apocalypse, but there are more “realistic options.” We detailed 20 of the best zombie apocalypse vehicles to get you through the worst doomsday scenario. This list includes stock vehicles you can buy today or find on the street. If you are terrified of facing hordes of the undead, consider parking one of these cars in your garage just in case.

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40. Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

There were fast SUVs before Jeep introduced the Trackhawk, and there will be long after the Trackhawk is discontinued. However, this glorious machine deserves a place on our list for two reasons. First, the 707 Hellcat Hemi engine under the hood.

Photo Credit: Car and Driver

Second, with a 3.4-second 0 to 60 mph time, it’s faster than some supercars. The Trackhawk is a brutal machine that is highly unusual and influential. It’s a proper Mopar muscle SUV. It just shows that a high horsepower Hemi engine can make anything a proper muscle car, even a full-size SUV.

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39. Dodge Ram SRT-10

Produced from 2004 to 2006, Dodge Ram SRT-10 is one of the craziest pickups ever produced. If you’re not sure yet, just look at the specs. The 8.2-liter V10 engine has over 500 HP, a 0 to 60 time of fewer than 5 seconds, and a fuel economy in the single digits. Top it all off with a bright red or yellow paint job and two racing stripes, and you’ll get the idea of what the SRT-10 is all about.

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It was something you couldn’t miss if you saw it on the street. Of course, with the price tag of over $45,000, the SRT-10 wasn’t exactly a sales hit but they did produce a decent number in its three-year production run.

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38. Toyota 4Runner

Toyota’s answer to the Bronco and K5 Blazer came late in 1984. It followed the same recipe as its competitors: a shortened Hilux truck chassis with a single cabin and a removable hardtop. The 4Runner came in time to battle with the second generation of the Bronco and the K5, and while it obviously couldn’t compete with the two due to lack of V8 power, it gained recognition due to its ruggedness and durability.

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In all honesty, even without the V8 under the hood, the 4Runner was a great SUV for the period and was especially capable in off-road conditions. Today, the palette of inline-four engines is considered the most reliable, so the best way is to try and find these versions, despite the obvious lack of power compared to the V6 models. If you wish to go off-roading in the 4Runner, the models with smaller engines have better all-terrain capabilities than their big-engine counterparts.

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Toyota Landcruiser J60

It’s insane that good examples of J60 series Landcruiser are bringing north of $30,000 today, but this is the reality of the collector’s car market. The classic ’80s SUV was affordable not that long ago but now prices are getting out of hand. However, the restoration projects are still somewhat cheap and if you have the means to perform it, you should consider finding a 1980s Landcruiser.

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Introduced in 1980 and discontinued in 1989, J60 was sold all over the world and very popular in America. It combined the ruggedness of the classic FJ40 with a durable 4.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine and a bigger, more comfortable body. The combination proved influential and J60 is now in the focus of collectors all over the world.

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37. Jeep Willys

Off-road vehicles were born out of necessity, and the legendary Jeep Willys is the best example. Jeep conceived it just before World War II as a light military vehicle. It was capable of going over any terrain, withstanding bullets and explosions, and surviving harsh conditions. In fact, this Jeep turned out to be one of the weapons that won the biggest war in history. The production of the original Jeep started in 1942 as the U.S. entered the war. And it ended in 1946 after they built more than 600,000, exporting them to all parts of the world. They called it the Willys MB or Ford GPW. The Willys was a simple machine, but incredibly tough and dependable.

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It got its power from a diminutive 2.2-liter four-cylinder producing 60 HP. Also, it used a simple four-wheel drive layout that was an innovative concept for the 1940s. Despite being a military vehicle, Jeep proved its worth after the war as a practical machine. Drivers could equip it to do numerous things. Jeep Willys could tow and plow and worked well on the farm for agricultural use. The unique concept of a rugged, compact, and extremely capable off-road machine evolved to the Jeep brand. In fact, they are the biggest producer of off-road vehicles and SUVs and a true legend of the segment.

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36. Chevrolet Blazer

Back in 1969, Chevrolet was caught off guard with the success of the Ford Bronco, Jeep CJ, and International Harvester Scout. The market wanted small, good-looking, and capable off-road SUVs and Chevrolet didn’t have any in its model lineup. Something had to be done so Chevrolet engineers thought of a brilliant idea. Why not use their existing pickup truck and mount a full interior, roof and call it the Blazer or GMC Jimmy? Soon Chevrolet fans had a new SUV model with bigger dimensions than the competitors. But, it also came with some bigger engines under the hood. At first, all-wheel drive was only an option, so some versions came with rear-wheel drive only. However, soon AWD became standard. The Blazer became popular and it was used not only by civilians but also by the U.S. military.

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It sold well in America as well as in the rest of the world, especially with the 6.2-liter diesel V8 engine. The Blazer was so popular that the second generation stayed in production from 1973 to 1991 with minimal modifications. However, in the early ’90s, Chevrolet introduced a smaller, more modern-looking Blazer that wasn’t so tough and off-road capable. Also, in the mid-1990s, they replaced the Blazer line with the Tahoe. Ever since then, Chevrolet fans called for the introduction of a modern Blazer. They want a model with all the characteristics of the old one but up-to-date technology, safety, and fuel economy. Chevrolet keeps introducing new SUV and crossover models, but there is no confirmation the new Blazer is in the works. Chevrolet needs to understand how big of a success they will have if they bring the Blazer back.

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35. Dodge Carryall WC53

Not many people know that Dodge is one of the pioneers of off-road vehicles and trucks on the American market. And one of the first was the innovative and influential Carryall WC53 they introduced at the beginning of WWII as a military vehicle. The Carryall got its name by using a 1939 Carryall body they mounted on the WC53 chassis.

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The WC Series Dodges were military vehicles with a three-quarter-ton capacity, tough underpinnings, and durable 4.0-liter straight six cylinders providing around 90 HP. This was one of the first closed off-road vehicles for transporting important military personnel. After the war, Dodge concentrated on Power Wagon truck production and decided the Carryall closed body was too rugged for the civilian market.

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34. Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 40

The car that made the Land Cruiser nameplate world-famous entered the automotive market in 1960 as a purely utilitarian short-wheelbase off-roader. During the production run, which lasted until 1984 and until 2001 in Brazil, the J40 had dozens of iterations. Because some of them were particularly valuable due to unmatched off-road performance, it gathered cult status among mud-loving enthusiasts. One of them is the FJ40, a version with a 3.8L inline-six engine. However, the ultimate version was the 2FJ40 with the power coming from a 4.2L inline-six. Also, the J40 had a few memorable diesel versions with the biggest one being the 2H 4.0L straight-six.

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The J40 series was available in two or four-wheel drive. It also came with two or four doors or even as a pickup. But it was the two-door four-wheel-drive model that is the most desirable one. However, all versions can provide drivers with endless fun, especially since the J40 Land Cruiser is easy to modify and customize. The J40 provides phenomenal off-road performance and experience. But be sure to find a four-wheel-drive model to squeeze the most out of this car, even though they come with a higher price tag. Once you sit behind the wheel of a Land Cruiser, there won’t be any mountains and creeks you can’t conquer in this legendary Japanese vehicle.

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33. Dodge Ramcharger

The least-known classic SUV from Detroit’s “Big Three” of Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, Dodge introduced the Ramcharger in 1974. This was quite later than the K5 Blazer and the Bronco. Mopar was never close to FoMoCo and GM, so the late introduction of the Ramcharger attributed to a lack of knowledge about this car. But this lack of facts shouldn’t deter anyone from this vehicle. They built this two-door until 2002, spanning three generations. And the first generation was the Plymouth Trailduster. Initially, it was an all-wheel-drive model only with rear-wheel drive (RWD) in 1975. Like its competitors, it also had a roofless body they dropped with the second generation in 1981. The second-generation Ramcharger also lost the Plymouth version.

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In 1981, they trimmed the engine palette down as well. So consumers could order the first generation with one inline-six and four V8s. They offered considerable power, while the second generation saw just two V8s, with the performance drastically toned down. Interesting options for the first-generation Ramcharger were 400cu inline and 440cu inline V8s. But the second generation dropped those engines in favor of the smaller 318 and 360 ones. Overall, the Ramcharger is a well-built SUV worthy of your attention, even with the de-tuned engines and an inline-six. Even though it’s not as popular as the Bronco or K5 Blazer, the Ramcharger has its own enthusiasts ready to welcome a new member into the family.

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32. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

While Mercedes-Benz is an innovator in the automotive business, it’s also a company that knows when it’s time to stick to something that works. So far, the G-Class has outlived dozens of models for a big reason. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class started its life in 1979 as a purely utilitarian vehicle initially developed for the Iranian army. Its civilian counterpart was not so different from the raw Puch version in the early years when the two were raw off-roaders. Later, they equipped the G-Class with updated interiors and comfortable seats. This helped it gain more power until it got its own AMG versions and endless interior options.

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But even though they equipped as an S-Class, Mercedes-Benz never abandoned three of G-Wagon’s main features. They included a body-on-frame construction, fully locking differentials, and a boxy look. But the trickiest part with the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is that they didn’t import it to the U.S. until 2002. That left buyers with either a gray import or importing one themselves. The 25-year-old import rule enables you to get a 463 G-Class. This is the model with the updated chassis, ABS, and an interior resembling a contemporary Mercedes-Benz sedan. Also, it comes with optional leather seats and wood trim. All in all, the G-Class is one of the ultimate classic SUVs and a legendary Mercedes-Benz. It offers an uncompromising offroad experience with highway performance and luxury too.

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31. Tesla Cybertruck

One of the most anticipated and controversial trucks coming out in the next year or so is Tesla’s unique Cybertruck. With a design closer to a prop from a utopian sci-fi movie, the Cybertruck is one of the craziest vehicles we’ve seen. Initially, three models are planned, and the first one will single electric motor and rear-wheel-drive. The second will have dual electric motors and AWD. Last, the top-of-the-line model will have three motors and an all-wheel-drive system.

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Tesla announced that all vehicles will have bulletproof glass and other unique features. In terms of performance and range, Tesla announced that the most expensive model would have an insanely quick 0 to 60 mph time in the 2.9-second range while lower trim levels will be slower. The range is expected to be from 250 to 500 miles, which is very optimistic.

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30. GMC Hummer EV

The Tesla Cybertruck might be the first fully-operational prototype electric truck of the future, but GMC’s Hummer EV is newer, bigger, meaner-looking, and filled with several features that will make your head spin. It is designed to be released sometime next year. But before attempt to reserve one, you have to know that the top-of-the-line version will cost around $100,000. However, the features of the GMC Hummer EV are insane.

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The base version will have a 625 HP engine, the next in line will have 800 HP engines, and the top-tier model will have an astonishing 1000 HP at the disposal. The torque figure, as with all-electric vehicles, is equally impressive, and the predicted range is 350 miles. But what really excites is the combination of the drive train and suspension, which allows the new-age Hummer to climb even the steepest obstacles and even go diagonally, bringing a new dimension to off-road driving.

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29. Ram TRX

Although the car industry is inevitably going in the direction of electric and renewable energy, it’s good to know that the people at Dodge are still neck deep into gasoline oblivion. How else we can explain the newest and greatest addition to the extreme truck class – the 2021 Ram TRX. If you don’t know what the TRX is, let us put it this way. It’s a cross between the Ram Rebel and Dodge Challenger Hellcat. In other words, an all-terrain beast with a supercharged Hemi under the hood and a bad attitude.

Photo Credit: Motor Authority

With a starting price of $69,000, it isn’t cheap, but it is an extremely capable, fast, and durable vehicle whose sole aim is to beat Ford’s Raptor in every aspect. That’s why it has a 702 HP engine under the hood, specially tuned chassis, suspension, and gearbox, and is designed to be the new king of the hill when it comes to extreme offroad trucks you can get from your local dealer.

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28. Lamborghini LM002

To be honest, LM002 is somewhere between a truck and an off-road SUV/truck since it has four doors, a double cab, and a truck bed behind it. This crazy creation debuted in the mid-’80s as Lamborghini’s attempt of entering the world of luxury SUVs and widening its appeal. The LM002 uses a special chassis, suspension, and Lamborghini’s famous V12 engine. The 5.2-liter engine with 400 HP was the same one you’d find in a legendary Countach. For buyers who thought 400 hp was not enough, the factory could supply the LM002 with a 7.3-liter monster V12 engine from a racing boat. Nicknamed “The Rambo Lambo,” this truck was a rugged and desert-going version of the supercar Lamborghini is known for making.

Photo Credit: Gaadi Waadi

Despite the enormous power and tough looks, the LM002 was a failure since it was hard to drive on the road. It had an enormous thirst for fuel and problems with off-road stability. It was extremely expensive. Just to have your tires changed on your Lambo LM002, you’ll need $20,000. As you could imagine, production for this strange vehicle was not high. Only 301 models left the Lamborghini factory, still, a considerable number knowing all the facts.

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27. Ford F-150 Lightning

In 1999 along with the new, totally redesigned generation of F-150 trucks came the new Lightning. This time it was much meaner-looking, aggressive, and packed much more firepower. Ford installed its 5.4-liter V8 with a supercharger, which was good for 360 HP at first and 380 HP later. This was much more than the previous model as well as much more than any truck on the market at that moment.

Photo Credit: Ford Trucks

Also, performance numbers were sublime because the Lightning could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in five seconds and top 140 mph. Those figures were more suited to a Porsche 911 than to a regular pickup truck that could move cargo just like any F-150.

Photo Credit: Hennessey Performance

26. Hennessey Raptor 6×6

When there is something that the manufacturer cannot or don’t have the courage to do, Hennessey was usually the company to make it a reality. Offered for a whopping $350,000, it is one of the most extreme trucks ever produced. So what is it, exactly?

Photo Credit: Hennessey Performance

It’s essentially an F-150 Raptor but enhanced in almost every way. First, it has one additional axle, making this a proper 6×6 vehicle and one of the most extreme trucks. Second, it has upgraded shocks, suspension, and a totally modified drive train. Third, it has a 600 HP engine, a huge improvement over factory specifications.

Photo Credit: Hongli Yangzhi

25. Ford F650 Supertruck

When it comes to extreme trucks, nothing is as big and dominant as the iconic Ford 650. If you think that F-350 is a big truck, think again. Ford has an even bigger chassis on offer.

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The idea behind F-650 is to make the ultimate pickup truck with four and even six-door bodies with durability. Yes, the F-650 is expensive and it probably won’t fit in your garage, but some like driving semis with a pickup body.

Photo Credit: Jeff Belzer

24. Chevrolet SS

Unfortunately, the Chevrolet SS is out of production but dealers have enough unsold cars that you can buy one right now. And you should since the SS is one of the best affordable performance sedans on the market today. With a 6.2-liter V8, 412 hp, precise steering, and neutral handling, this car rivals Europe’s finest sports sedans. Of course, this is a Holden from Australia they rebadged as a Chevrolet and fine-tuned for U.S. customers.

Photo Credit: Arabs Auto

Its performance numbers are respectable. A 0 to 60 mph sprint is possible in only 4.7 seconds, while the top speed is over 150 mph. Chevrolet SS is a good proposition for people who need a practical sedan but want a sports car. The styling is elegant and unassuming, which is a good thing since this car can surprise many regular sports models with its performance. This is one of the best sleepers on the market since it blends in with traffic. Nobody can tell you have 400 HP under your right foot ready to jump at a second’s notice. The Chevrolet SS is destined to be a future classic, so grab one today.

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23. International XT-Series

Even though the International produced a successful line of SUV models back in the day, after the discontinuation of the Scout, it left the passenger vehicle market and concentrated on industrial users. However, in 2004, the company briefly returned to designing trucks with the enormous International XT model.

Photo Credit: Classic

The lineup consisted of three models CXT (commercial extreme truck), RTX (recreational extreme truck), and MTX, which was a military-spec version. Under the hood was a diesel six-cylinder or a V8, and the chassis was straight from International’s medium-duty truck lineup.

Photo Credit: Hagerty

22. Chevrolet Impala SS

The Impala SS is one of the most legendary names in Chevy history. The original Impala SS was available from 1961 to 1969. They were full-size muscle cars that could beat many other performance cars at stoplight drags. Powered by big-block engines and equipped with a close-ratio four-speed transmission unit, the Impala SS was a street-legal drag racer of the highest order. However, as the muscle car era came to an end, the Impala SS was discontinued, only to be resurrected in 1994 as an option on the seventh generation of this legendary model.

Photo Credit: Hagerty

Since the early ’90s marked the return to performance for most American manufacturers, Chevrolet installed the famous 5.7-liter LT1 V8 engine in the full-size rear-wheel-drive sedan. They equipped it with a heavy-duty suspension and components to create a modern-day muscle legend. For two years, Chevrolet produced almost 70,000 Impala SS models in several colors. However, dark purple was the most popular and sought-after hue. The engine delivered 260 HP and propelled these big sedans from 0 to 60 mph in just seven seconds. Those are not exactly spectacular numbers, but for the mid-’90s, they were solid.

Photo Credit: Spokes Man

21. Dodge Lil’ Express Truck

The muscle car era affected the truck segment, which resulted in a few special versions and more powerful engines. However, nothing changed the truck industry more than when Dodge introduced the Lil’ Express Truck in 1978 as the first full-size muscle truck in the world. The secret of the Lil’ Express Truck and its importance lies in the strict rules of the late 1970s, which robbed V8 engines of their power. But, Dodge found an interesting loophole in the current regulations that declared pickup trucks didn’t need catalytic converters. This meant Dodge could install a more powerful engine and allow it to deliver more punch than previous models or competitors.

Photo Credit: Hot Cars

Dodge took a standard D Series short bed truck, added a 360 V8 engine, and put big truck-like stacked exhaust pipes right behind the doors. They also installed a more durable automatic transmission. This wild-looking special model had a 225 HP engine, which was considered powerful in those days. Thanks to a revised drivetrain, it was the fastest accelerating domestic vehicle in 1978. It was faster than muscle cars like the Mustang, Camaro, and the Corvette. Today, these cool-looking Dodge trucks are highly sought-after and command high prices

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

20. Ford Crown Victoria

Crown Victoria construction with its ladder chassis, live rear axle, tough suspension, and heavy-duty components is midcentury technology, but still effective and durable even today. The 4.6-liter modular V8 engine will pump out only 260 HP, but that’s more than enough to give the big rear-wheel sedan decent acceleration and cruising speed. The models from the ’90s and early 2000s were tough enough for use as police cruisers and taxis. Despite being 20 years old and surviving all kinds of torture, these cars are still on the road and running well.

Photo Credit: Motor1

If a car can endure being beaten by countless cops and taxi drivers, it’s also a good zombie apocalypse vehicle. The Crown Vic is like a handy tool capable of many things, so it is no surprise people choose it when they’re in need of a tough, dependable ride. If you want to own one of the last American ladder-frame V8 sedans, its prices are low and models plentiful.

Photo Credit: Motor1

19. Hummer H1

Back in the mid-1980s, the U.S. military started using the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), affectionately known as the Humvee. This was a big, heavy military truck capable of running over anything and even surviving land mines. Despite the fact that Humvees were made for the military, constant requests for a street-legal version made AM General think about entering the civilian market. So finally in 1992, the civilian Hummer H1 debuted. It looked almost the same as the military version and it featured the same technology and engine. The power came from a 6.2-liter diesel V8 with just 165 HP and loads of torque.

Photo Credit: Know Techie

Basically, the only real difference between the military and civilian Hummer was its interior. The street-legal model had a much plusher interior with air-conditioning, leather upholstery, and a premium audio system. All those things make this model the ideal zombie apocalypse vehicle. The H1 has incredible durability and the ability to survive on the battlefield, which is useful if you get attacked by a horde of zombies and have to make a quick getaway.

Photo Credit: Car And Driver

18. Dodge Charger Hellcat

What’s a more appropriate vehicle for a Hell on earth scenario than the diabolical Charger Hellcat? The 6.2-liter supercharged V8 with 707 HP is a proper monster of a muscle car that probably shouldn’t be on the streets. However, in 2014, Dodge released one of the craziest muscle cars they ever built.

Photo Credit: Hd Car Wallpapers

When you step on the gas and unleash the fury of 707 supercharged horses, you can feel the brutality of the Hellcat package and all its rear-wheel power. The 0 to 60 mph times are in the three-second range and the car can top 200 mph. With those numbers, you will disappear so fast they won’t even know you were there.

Photo Credit: Alain Class

17. Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6

Even in a post-zombie apocalypse society, some people will still look for luxury items. So what is better than a safe, competent truck that will still show your status than the extremely expensive G63 AMG 6×6?

Photo Credit: Motor1 UK

Under the hood is a 5.5-liter twin-turbo engine with 540 HP sending it to all six wheels through a specially-built automatic transmission unit. The interior is luxurious, with the finest materials and creature comforts. Mercedes made a monster truck out of their legendary G-Class SUV, so this could be just the vehicle for fighting undead monsters when the zombie apocalypse starts.

Photo Credit: Bring A Trailer

16. International Harvester Travelall

Not as popular as the Chevrolet Suburban but definitely better, the International Travelall is a tough, spacious, and durable vehicle. Some say the Travelall was built with industrial-strength materials for trucks and that was the secret of its durability. International presented the first generation in 1953 and discontinued the Travelall in 1975. It was a shame since the company had high owner loyalty and satisfaction due to the quality and power of its vehicles.

Photo Credit: Barn Finds

Despite the fact that Travelall lacks modern conveniences, they are still dependable vehicles when it gets tough. Customers could get the Travelall with either a six or eight-cylinder engine. AMC provided the smaller V6 engine and International designed and produced the V8.

Photo Credit: SM Classic Cars

15. Toyota Hilux

Toyota’s main pickup model, the Hilux is one of the best-selling compact trucks in the world. Overall it is a versatile, tough, and durable vehicle capable of all kinds of tasks. They even modified it to be an armored car used by paramilitaries in crisis areas. All of this makes the Hilux, especially the old ones, perfect candidates for the best zombie apocalypse vehicle.

Photo Credit: SM Classic Cars

Look for the older version with the four-wheel drivetrain they introduced in 1979. The combination of simple mechanics, tough components, and high quality make older Hilux trucks capable of surviving anything.

Photo Credit: Drive My

14. Mercedes W123

This mid-range Mercedes model debuted in 1976 and became the company’s most successful car to date. It featured an elegant design, wide engine choices and overall build quality that guaranteed a million miles. Most W123s are still on the road today as a living testament there are cars that can last almost forever.

Photo Credit: Classics Honest John

The slow but durable 300 TD version with just 77 HP will not be the fastest zombie getaway car, but it provides great fuel economy and dependability for dangerous situations. Fortunately, zombies are not the fastest-moving creatures, so painfully slow acceleration figures should not be a problem.

Photo Credit: Kajgana

13. Volkswagen Beetle

If you prefer a more low-key approach, you can always opt for an older Volkswagen Beetle. The Beetle is affordable, plentiful, and very dependable. You could maintain one with a piece of wire, duct tape, and some basic mechanical skills. Since it has an air-cooled engine, the Beetle won’t overheat, which is extremely useful in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.

Photo Credit: Concept Carz

Officially, the production of the VW Beetle started in 1938 and ended in 2003. During that time, they built more than 22 million cars in 14 countries around the globe. The Beetle was the first global car in terms of popularity, affordability, and presence. But if you choose this car, you’ll need to adopt a new strategy since Beetles are not all that fast, but neither are zombies.

Photo Credit: Motor1

12. Dodge Durango SRT

If you need space, a powerful engine, durable technology, and sports car-like acceleration figures to fight off zombies, then you need a Dodge Durango SRT.

Photo Credit: Car And Driver

With a 6.4-liter Hemi and 475 HP, this is a pure Dodge muscle car in an SUV package. This translates to a 4.4 second, 0-to-60-mph acceleration time with the ability to carry seven passengers and their luggage. Along with the capable all-wheel drive, a comfortable interior and a nice selection of creature comforts, the Durango SRT makes a zombie apocalypse far less dangerous and stressful.

Photo Credit: Uncrate

11. Legacy Power Wagon

Located in rural Wyoming, Legacy Classic Trucks is the ideal place for your classic truck needs and also an area that’s not going to attract zombies. So, Legacy Classic Trucks is perfect for looking for a special zombie apocalypse truck that will amaze you with quality craftsmanship, engineering, and an original idea. There are several classic trucks on offer, but the best is the Legacy Power Wagon they based on the legendary Dodge Power Wagon.

Photo Credit: Auto Week

Legacy’s interpretation keeps the original design, durability, and usability, but adds a ton of modern features and encasements. All that is what transforms a rugged truck from the 1930s into one of the best off-road vehicles of the 2010s. Prices start at just below $200,000 for the basic model powered by a 6.2-liter Chevrolet LS3 V8 engine with 430 HP. If you want, you can get a modern V8 diesel engine in your Legacy Power Wagon, as well as an extended-cab or double cab configuration. Of course, the latest state-of-the-art electronics, suspension, and creature comforts are part of the package.

Photo Credit: Auto Blog

10. Ford F-150 Raptor

A full-size truck is always a good idea when you need a dependable vehicle with high ground clearance and tough mechanics. Extreme conditions like a zombie apocalypse scenario require an extreme truck. So there’s no better choice than the current F-150 Raptor. The 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 produces 450 HP and 510 lb-ft. With a 10-speed automatic transmission and sub-five-second acceleration time, this is an exotic supercar, right? No, this is a full-size pickup truck with room for five people and a regular truck bed behind.

Photo Credit: Hardy Ford Dallas

This is not your ordinary pickup since the Ford Raptor is the closest thing to a full Baja 1000 racing vehicle you can put license plates on. No zombie will ever catch you since you will be able to make a quick getaway on any type of terrain.

Photo Credit: W Super Cars

9. Subaru Impreza WRX STI

With a 2.5-liter turbo engine, 305 HP, and five-second 0 to 60 mph acceleration time, the Impreza WRX is a capable car. And on top of all that, it comes with a standard intelligent all-wheel-drive, making it handle great on any terrain and road conditions. Also, the WRX STI can seat five people and comes with a decent-sized trunk.

Photo Credit: Arabs Auto

All of this makes the Impreza a great family car for zombie apocalypse days. It’s fast, handles like a dream, and is compact enough to squeeze anywhere. Also, it can comfortably fit five people with their luggage. Don’t forget to put a safety net on the windows and maybe a bull bar in front to handle those zombies.

Photo Credit: Hollywood Chrysler Jeep

8. Jeep Wrangler

For decades, the Jeep Wrangler has been the perfect off-road vehicle for any use. A direct descendant of the famous original Jeep Willys, the Wrangler is the evolution of a small, compact, capable, and usable all-terrain vehicle.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Wrangler has endured all kinds of market changes yet never compromised the characteristics that made it legendary. Despite the necessary improvements in design, safety, and fuel efficiency, the Wrangler is still a rugged, dependable Jeep. This is why the Wrangler is the perfect companion when zombies flood your area.

Photo Credit: Silodrome

7. Amphicar Model 770

According to all those zombie movies, zombies can’t swim, so the best way to dodge them is to get on a boat and sail away. But what if you don’t own a boat? Simply buy an Amphicar Model 770, so you’ll have a fully-functional amphibious car you can park in your driveway.

Photo Credit: Mike Shouts

The Amphicar was a German-made half-car/half-boat they produced from 1961 to 1965. Quite popular in the states, they sold over 3,500 of them. The power came from a diminutive 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine that powered the rear wheels as well as a propeller they mounted in the back. On land, the Amphicar could achieve up to 75 mph. In the water, it could do seven knots, more than enough to swiftly sail away from all those drowning zombies.

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6. Earthroamer XV HD

For people who want to run away from zombies, Earthroamer has the perfect solution in the form of the XV HD. This specially-designed vehicle includes a 119-gallon fuel tank and 250 gallons of freshwater, as well as 125 gallons of gray and 125 gallons of black water. Also, the batteries have 20,000 watt-hours with solar panels adding 2,100 watts.

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This unique vehicle is powered by a 6.7L turbo-diesel V8 engine producing 330 horsepower and 725 Nm of torque. It also has a special all-wheel-drive for driving over the toughest terrain. The XV-HD starts at $1,500,000 with a required deposit of $375,000, making the Earthroamer XV HD worth over a million dollars.

Photo Credit: Tesla

5. Tesla Model S

In the case of a doomsday or zombie apocalypse, you can anticipate fuel shortages. If this happens, electric cars will be quite useful. Consider the Tesla Model S. The Model S is not the first car that Tesla produced, but it is by far the most popular and influential globally. It’s the first fully-electric sedan Tesla produced in significant numbers, creating the electric car market.

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Introduced in 2012, Tesla Model S production has passed the 200,000 mark, which makes it the most advanced, successful electric vehicle in the world. Tesla’s AWD consists of four electric motors that independently power each wheel. They are controlled by a highly advanced system for perfect traction and road holding.

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4. Dodge Challenger AWD

There wouldn’t be a zombie apocalypse in America without a proper, red, white, and blue muscle car. However, it has to be extremely capable with enough power to get you out of trouble and interesting features to keep you on the road no matter what. A car that fits this bill is the Dodge Challenger AWD.

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This Challenger comes with recognizable coupe styling, retro charm, and an aggressive stance. However, underneath that cool-looking body, there’s a V6 and intelligent all-wheel-drive system. That means no more smoky burnouts or rear wheels on fire. Instead, you get loads of traction, even in the toughest conditions. Dodge offers the GT AWD exclusively with the V6 engine producing 305 HP, but most drivers want to see it with a proper Hemi V8.

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3. Local Motors Rally Fighter

Rarely will you find a genuine zombie apocalypse car for sale straight off the showroom floor; however, the Local Motors Rally Fighter is just that. Debuting in 2010, the Rally Fighter is an American made off-road sports car with incredible features, racing mechanics, and a 6.2-liter V8 with 430 HP.

Photo Credit: Road And Track

Also, it comes with a state-of-the-art suspension set for off-road driving, a fiberglass body to save weight, and a full roll cage for security. The Rally Fighter is street legal in all 50 states and costs around $100,000. That may be expensive, but once those zombies start rolling in, you’ll be glad you bought this car.

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2. Kaiser Jeep M715

This interesting vehicle is primarily a military truck but Kaiser sold a few of them to civilian customers. Based on the Jeep Gladiator pickup, they presented the Jeep M715 in the late ’60s for the U.S. Army. The engine was a dependable, strong six-cylinder delivering just 130 HP. But it had a lot of torque, which was necessary to move this three-ton truck.

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Kaiser built the M715 to be easy to service and extremely durable, which it demonstrated during the Vietnam War in addition to several other conflicts. Kaiser Jeep produced over 30,000 of them until 1969. It’s quite possible that this tough military truck could survive the Zombie apocalypse.

Photo Credit: Thiyagarajan Cg

1. Sherman M4 Tank

Although civilians can’t own or operate military vehicles, several tank collectors have found loopholes in their local traffic laws, managing to put license plates on their tanks. While nobody can own the latest state-of-the-art tanks, you can buy old tanks that don’t have working guns. One of the most common tanks from World War II is the Sherman M4 Tank. They built almost 50,000 of them for use by numerous armies all over the world.

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A surprising number of these tanks still survive and are even functional for driving on the road. However, most owners want over $500,000 for roadworthy examples. Although the M4 Tank is expensive, it would be quite effective when it comes to a zombie attack. Which one of these cars is your choice for surviving a zombie apocalypse? Any of them would be a great way to escape those hordes of those hungry flesh-eating dead. It all depends on your wallet, so thankfully, there are zombie survival vehicles that fit every budget.

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