Graceland Cars: 20 Legendary Machines Owned by Elvis Presley

By vukasin

Even if you don’t know anything about music, you probably have heard about the legendary Elvis Presley. As the King of Rock and Roll, he was one of the most influential, bestselling artists of the 20th century. In fact, Elvis is a cultural icon whose significance lasts to even today, some 42 years after his passing. An accomplished musician, actor, and showman, Elvis was of the people who started the whole rock and roll thing in the early ‘50s.

And he went on to become an idol to millions of people worldwide. However, not a lot of people know that Elvis was an avid car collector. In fact, he had the unusual habit of buying cars and gifting them to his associates, friends and even random people on the street. Because his brand of choice was the Cadillac, he owned more than 100 Cadillacs during his lifetime.

Most interesting of all is that Elvis didn’t drive all of them. He just paid for some and gave most of them away. However, besides his extensive collection of Cadillac cars, Elvis owned numerous other interesting automobiles that are as legendary as their owner. So keep reading to learn lots more about 20 of the most legendary machines Elvis Presley owned.

  1. 1941 Lincoln

In the early ‘50s, Elvis bought his first car, a 1941 Lincoln. But back in those days, Elvis was a truck driver. He never thought he would have a career in show business, so a second-hand Lincoln was all he could afford. The car wasn’t reliable, so as Elvis later told reporters, “he pushed this car more than he drove it.”