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25 Stories Where Bad Drivers Were Served Justice By The Road

Cameron EittreimMarch 8, 2021

Photo Credit: ABC 7

2: Speeder Crashes Into Reality

The old adage “what’s the rush?” comes into play with this story. “I’m driving down the main road in my town at about 2 AM. I take the route every day so I know there are cops ahead, so I’m driving about 5 below the limit. Some ****** decides to blow by me, crossing into oncoming traffic, and almost hits an oncoming car. He swerved back as quickly as possible nearly clipping my front bumper. I look in my rearview and see lights go on, idiot almost hit a cop. He never decides to slow down at all, speeds up and bam, out of a parking lot a cop pulls out in front of him and he t-bones the cruiser. Karma at its finest.” – via Some eCards

Photo Credit: KTVU

As you can see here the driver was in a rush to get to somewhere that he thought was of grave importance. Only to realize that he is now going to be spending an extended jail sentence behind bars. Risking someone else’s life so that you can make it to your destination faster is never a satisfactory option.

Photo Credit: Pexel

1: Cops Deal With The Worst

Police officers have to deal with the most irate drivers that you can imagine. Whether it be a high-speed pursuit or worse, so naturally this story was not a surprise. But still, when a driver comes out of nowhere and t-bones your cruiser it is not going to be a good day. This guy was pushing his luck and it’s a wonder that he even walked away from the crash. It’s situations like this that put other drivers on the road at more risk.

Photo Credit: Edmunds

The best thing that you can do with a disgruntled speeder is to ignore them and get out of the way. Eventually, karma is going to hit and you won’t be the one who is on the receiving end of things when the worst happens.

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