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25 Stories Where Bad Drivers Were Served Justice By The Road

Cameron EittreimMarch 8, 2021

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7: Bro-Dozers Too

Don’t just jump Jeep enthusiasts into that group, the guys who have those extremely high pickup trucks are at fault too. Often referred to as “bro-dozers,” these trucks often have obscenely high lift kits and off-road wheels. The problem is that the vast majority of these trucks are not safe to take high-speed turns and can tip over very easily. When you are talking about two to three tons coming down on you, the worst could happen.

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As with anything in life when you take it too far, it won’t be safe and that is the case with these trucks. The high ground clearance is much higher than what is generally regarded as safe, and thus it can cause a lot of headaches for everyone involved.

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6: Littering on The Freeway

Perhaps one of the worst problems that motorist encounter is littering. We’ve all been driving down the freeway and seen boxes of garbage tossed to the side. Here is one story a motorcyclist encountered. “I was riding my motorcycle down the freeway when some asshole threw half a Mcdonald’s milkshake out of the window, still in its cup. Through some random fluke of physical dexterity, I caught it (it would have hit me in the chest, near enough.) I caught up to the guy in traffic a minute later. His sunroof was open, so I returned the cup.” – via Some eCards

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As you can see, this motorcyclist was pretty upset. But, the inherent risk of throwing garbage out on the freeway is there as well. Whether you puncture a tire on trash or lose control of a vehicle, nothing good comes from illegal dumping.

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5: Road Crews Try Their Best

With the sheer volume of drivers that are on the road, it can seem almost impossible for a road crew to keep up with the influx of trash. Likewise, drivers need to do their part to try and throw less trash onto the roadway. Nevertheless, there will always be some portion of trash on the roads. Especially in big cities where staffing is limited and there are influences of traffic. If you see someone illegally dumping on the side of the road, don’t confront them.

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Instead, call the public works department or the highway patrol. The person will be ticketed and fined heavily, which might eventually start to slow down the spread of garbage. Driving should be a pleasurable experience and not something that you have to dread.

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4: Another School Zone Speeder

It just doesn’t stop with these school zone speeders, and this particular story focuses on a younger person. “Some snotty high school girl was behind me in a car once, beeping and flashing her lights, apparently complaining that I was going too slow. As soon as the road widened to two lanes, she gunned it and went around me, flipping me off as she went past because I drove the speed limit just to vex her. About thirty seconds later I saw her car pulled over by a cop IN AN ACTIVE SCHOOL ZONE. She was out of the car being handcuffed. (they only arrest if you’ve been doing an excessively high rate of speed, but in a school zone it doesn’t take much) She saw me as I went by going 20 mph…” – via Some eCards

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We need to ensure that we are teaching the next generation how to drive safely. The thrill of driving can be something that you dream of experiencing. But, it is important to reinforce that driving is a privilege and not something to be taken lightly.

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3: Teens Should Take Drivers Ed

Even if you are planning on teaching your teenager how to drive yourself, a drivers ed course never hurts. They will learn the fundamentals of the road from a licensed instructor, in a way that you might not be able to teach. Early drivers need to have as much know-how as they can before they hit the road. By having adequate training the drivers will be less likely to be involved in a collision that could seriously injure someone.

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Likewise, even adults can take new training from time to time, whether it be updated road rules or speed limits. The more knowledge you have the better of a driver you will be, and this only benefits everyone on the road.

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2: Speeder Crashes Into Reality

The old adage “what’s the rush?” comes into play with this story. “I’m driving down the main road in my town at about 2 AM. I take the route every day so I know there are cops ahead, so I’m driving about 5 below the limit. Some ****** decides to blow by me, crossing into oncoming traffic, and almost hits an oncoming car. He swerved back as quickly as possible nearly clipping my front bumper. I look in my rearview and see lights go on, idiot almost hit a cop. He never decides to slow down at all, speeds up and bam, out of a parking lot a cop pulls out in front of him and he t-bones the cruiser. Karma at its finest.” – via Some eCards

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As you can see here the driver was in a rush to get to somewhere that he thought was of grave importance. Only to realize that he is now going to be spending an extended jail sentence behind bars. Risking someone else’s life so that you can make it to your destination faster is never a satisfactory option.

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1: Cops Deal With The Worst

Police officers have to deal with the most irate drivers that you can imagine. Whether it be a high-speed pursuit or worse, so naturally this story was not a surprise. But still, when a driver comes out of nowhere and t-bones your cruiser it is not going to be a good day. This guy was pushing his luck and it’s a wonder that he even walked away from the crash. It’s situations like this that put other drivers on the road at more risk.

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The best thing that you can do with a disgruntled speeder is to ignore them and get out of the way. Eventually, karma is going to hit and you won’t be the one who is on the receiving end of things when the worst happens.

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