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25 Exciting Facts We Know About The 2021 Ford F-150

Cameron EittreimJuly 6, 2020

Ford F150 Raptor
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9: Still The Off-Road King

The F-150 has ruled the offroad since the inception of the infamous Raptor. But standard models are also quite capable of going off-road as well. The FX4 is going to come loaded with most of the features you’d expect coupled with a notable mixture of off-road flairs such as a raised ride height and more. Interior-wise. the off-road version of the truck offers washable mats and flooring. It’s a great feature for spending a day out in the muddy waters.

Ford F150
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Ford has always dominated the outdoors, and with the FX4 trim, the F150 is just as capable. You can also get a work truck FX4 version, which sums up to affordable fun on a budget. There is no doubt that the vast majority of buyers will go for the loaded versions of the truck. These include the Lariat or the King Ranch, both of which offer a combination of luxury and features for a competitive price.

F150 Skunkworks
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8: Work-Oriented F-150 Tailgate

The backend of the Ford F-150 has received some love as well. Possibly fueled by the special edition tailgate offerings of the GMC Sierra the Ford now has some features. The tailgate is designed to benefit you on the job site. With new features geared toward the owner, the tailgate is a nice addition. Need somewhere to stand your tablet up? Well, the tailgate has a built-in tablet stand.

Ford F150 Limited
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There are also built-in clamp spots for you to clamp a 2×4 down while working. These additions to the tailgate only help to show just how much of a work truck the F-150 has become. The brand is also synonymous with quality, but this new generation is going to take it to another level.

Ford F150 Roush
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7: F-150 Sharing With The Mustang

The F-150 has a powerful V8 engine, but the 5.0L engine has something in common with the rest of the Ford lineup. This is the same engine that is shared with the Mustang 5.0. Ford has done a lot of tuning. With such a great powerplant at its disposal, there’s no wonder the F-150 performs nicely. But if V8 power is still something you’re looking for, then the V8 will please.

Ford F150 Roush
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The Mustang is already a special pony car and with this kind of power behind a truck, the sky’s the limit. Ford has been quietly trying to move away from the V8 scene, which makes this engine the last of the Mohicans. Its design and technology are a bit dated when compared to other engines on the market. But if you want a V8 powerplant, you can’t go wrong.

Ford F150 Roush
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6: Desk Surface

The center stack desk surface is a nice feature for a full-sized pickup truck. This is something generally only found in a commercial van. Ford is attempting to make the F150 a more well-rounded work truck, and the effort is showing significantly. The flat surface between the seating is perfect for a laptop or a tablet. If you’ve ever worked on the road, you know how important it can be to have a flat surface to work on. Ford is leaning toward commercial customers with this feature.

Ford F150
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But the general consumer can get a lot of usage out of this feature as well. The flatwork surface makes it a great place to pull over and take a break. If you don’t want to watch media on the built-in infotainment center, you can do so by using your tablet. The built-in wifi connectivity also makes a great addition.

Ford F150 Limited
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5: F-150 Interior Room

Let’s face the facts, trucks have long evolved from the single cab configurations of the farming days. The trucksdrivers drive today go to more places and do more things than ever before. Part of the reason for this is the pickup truck has become the main source of transportation for mant families. A roomy cabin is an important feature to have, and Ford has been leading the charge in terms of this aspect for some time now.

Ford F150 with Options
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The F-150 has come to a long way in terms of interior refinement even though the truck has always had a roomy cabin. Gone are the days of the cramped half-cab design, and here are comfortable land yachts on wheels. The F-150 is the quintessential evolution of what a pickup truck should be. Time will tell how much the interior continues to evolve, but for most consumers, this is going to be a comfortable truck.

Ford F150 Harley Davidson
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4: Features Galore

The customization of the F-150 might just be the coolest feature of the newly-revised truck. You can pretty much build it to fit your specific needs. Ford has become big on utilizing its online ordering platform to build the truck of your dreams. As with a lot of automakers who are venturing into the customization platform. With the number of features and shortcuts, you can choose with the F-150 you can cut out the middleman. This is going to change the way we purchase a new pickup in a lot of aspects.

Hennessey Raptor
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The Ford ordering platform is ahead of its time, taking a cue from new products such as Carvana, which utilize a similar process. What you’ll notice is that the Platinum configuration is gone for now. Ford will be working on a replacement for this high-level trim that is generally snatched up by high-end consumers.

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3: Harley Davidson F-150

Since 2001 there’s been a special Harley Davidson F-150 in the showroom. Over the years, the package has been shrunk in terms of features and opulence. But if you love motorcycles, this is probably the package for you. The next generation of the F-150 Harley Davidson is going to have the same cool features as previous models before it. The supercharged V8 engine is going to be standard fare, as well as polished chrome rims. This is more of a halo truck than anything, which is why Ford puts such an emphasis on it.

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If you enjoy riding a hog and you happen to own a Harley, this might just be the truck for you. The interesting design coupled with the mystique of the Harley brand is what has made this a special edition for decades. Ford has no problem supporting another American company, and this new 2021 Harley model is highly anticipated.

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2: The F-150 Lightning Rebirth

The real talk of the town has been whether Ford is going to reintroduce the Lightning performance truck in 2021. In a lot of aspects, the Raptor has replaced this truck, but there’s still an appetite for a straight track truck. The Raptor can smash over rocks and sand like it’s nothing. But for those of us who live in a city setting, the Lightning was the go-to performance truck of the decade. The truck even had a supporting role in the original Fast And The Furious franchise.

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Ford has been rather tight-lipped about the Lightning making a comeback. Probably for good reason, as the truck will be more of a niche product than anything else. Single cab trucks are less popular than ever, and Ford is one of the last holdouts when it comes to them.

Ford Raptor
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1: Heavy Duty F-150 Redesign?

With the F-150 getting all the love these days it’s easy to wonder about the rest of Ford’s truck lineup. The super duty line has become a bit long in the tooth. It will be interesting to see what kinds of updates Ford is going to wrap around their commercial series of trucks. Will the Superduty get the same strong treatment on the interior as the F-150? Time will tell as Ford begins to delve deeper into the next generation of pickup trucks. Ford has stated that the company will be moving away from passenger cars other than the Mustang.

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With that being said, there has never been a better time than now to refresh their big trucks as well. Ford’s super duty lineup sells quite well, especially when you consider the competition that’s on the market right now. Ford has been innovating in the super duty field for a long time now and the F-250 and F-350 are staples in the industry.

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