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25 Car Hacks That Make Every Serious Driver’s Life Easier

Cameron Eittreim February 11, 2022

Windshield Wipers
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6: Clean Your Wipers

Have you noticed that you have an obstructed view of the road? Don’t fret, this happens to a lot of us and there’s a solution for it. You need to take some glass-cleaning solution and go across the window with a microfiber towel. Once that has been completed you’ll need to clean the wiper blades with the same solution (via Family Handyman).

Mercedes SL 320
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If you have rubber wiper blades there is a good chance they are spreading dirt around. You want to avoid this by keeping the blades clean. You can also improve the visibility of your car by switching out the water in your washer reservoir with a better mix of window washer fluid that is designed not to streak.

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5: Tinted Plastic Sheets

In the summertime months, the harsh rays of the sun can burn your eyes. The first solution for this would be to add tinting to your windows. If you don’t want to tint all the windows in your vehicle there is another less invasive solution. You can use tinted plastic sheets in certain areas where the sun hits most (via Family Handyman).

This will provide temporary relief without having to tint the entire window portion of your car or truck. If you tend to park in high heat areas this is a great way to shield yourself or protect certain areas inside of your car’s interior.

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4: Use Slime To Clean Your Car

Believe it or not, that slime that your kid plays with is more useful than you’d think. When it comes to cleaning the interior of a car there is dust in all kinds of crevasses. You can’t reach these areas with a traditional vacuum and they can be hard to clean. The slime conforms to every area of the dashboard and corners that you need to clean (via Family Handyman).

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You’ll immediately notice that the dust will be must less than if you were just using a vacuum alone. If you’re particular about keeping your car clean then this is a great method that you can use to keep everything orderly.

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3: Remove Old Stickers

Many drivers have put a sticker or decal on our ride for a time or two. But when it comes time to remove these from the windows it can be a pain. You don’t need to scrape and cause damage to get rid of old stickers. You won’t even need to use harsh chemicals. Instead, there’s a better solution for doing this (via Family Handyman).

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All you need is an extension cord and a hairdryer, what you’ll do is heat up the stickers for 20 minutes. The hairdryer will cause the glue underneath the sticker to become moist and it will end up being removed. This works for regular stickers and the more complicated decals that you get from the auto parts store.

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2: Toothpaste Trick

Foggy lights are not only a visual problem on the exterior of your vehicle, but they hamper your vision while driving at night. Some shops charge a pretty penny for headlight restoration and the kits you buy require a drill to use them. But there is a better solution and you will notice it right away (via Family Handyman).

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Take old-fashioned toothpaste (not the gel kind) and rub it all over your headlights. You’ll want to use a brush of some sort to get it rubbed in well. The result will be a headlight that is visually much clearer to look at than before.

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1: The Olive Oil Hack

You can clean your vehicle using olive oil, but before you get excited, there’s a trick and a purpose to it. The olive oil is used to protect the dashboard in your car, the same way that those expensive cleaning solutions will. You just need to put a few drops on a rag that you are going to polish the dashboard with (via Family Handyman).

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Rub it around generously until the rag is dry and you’ll immediately notice the difference. The olive oil will shine the plastic and make protect your dashboard from the harsh rays of the sun. This is something that you can do once a week or once a month and you’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

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