Chrysler 300F
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24: 1960 Chrysler 300F

Chrysler has always been a company that created solid cars, but oftentimes certain cars are overlooked or released at the wrong time. The 300F is one of these cars that hit the market at the wrong time. The sedan had a massive amount of power, but the market just wasn’t ready for it at the time. The 413 V8 engine produced a massive 375 HP, which propelled the heavy passenger sedan with authority. Sadly, acceleration wasn’t all that consumers were looking for at this time, and the 300F didn’t sell very well.

Chrysler 300F
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These older Chrysler cars are notorious for rusting and the 300F is no different. Although you can find clean original owner cars they are becoming few and far between. For the most part, the 300F is going to be found in automotive salvage yards. Although its styling and performance were ahead of its time, the car wasn’t a successfull model.

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