1. Global X Pangea

Global Expedition is a company famous for producing extreme vehicles for the most adventurous people, and one of them is the Pangea Perky Mog. It is a custom-built vehicle with a lifting cabin that can accommodate two double beds, and that is its most prominent feature. The Pangea Perky Mog uses a Mercedes-Benz Unimog cabin and a medium duty chassis. As a 4×4, it can go anywhere and make every terrain your home.

The Global X Pangea boasts a colorful interior with bright ornaments, a fully functional kitchen and a charming living area. With the looks of a modern loft, the Pangea Perky Mog looks like the perfect interior to spend your extreme holiday in.

Other features of the Pangea include solar panels, a 140-gallon drinking water tank, a 42-gallon gray water tank and a water pre-filtration system. It also comes with ArmorVision windows with integrated blinds and mosquito screens, domestic lighting and optional hardwood flooring. The Global Expedition Pangea is a gem of RV engineering, since it knows no boundaries when it comes to exploring and conquering terrain.

You can customize its interior in so many ways, and thanks to its trademark lifting cabin, you can transform the living space into a beautiful, well-organized loft on wheels. The Pangea Perky Mog is currently listed for sale, but if you want them to build a Pangea per your specifications, you may have to wait a while.

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