911 Yellowbird Via Motor Junkie
911 Yellowbird Via Motor Junkie

18. Porsche 911

Who hasn’t stood in awe of a Porsche 911? The sports car has been everywhere, from movies to video games. But, what makes this hyped-up sports car such a legend? Well, it all starts with its iconic design. The 911 doesn’t look like anything you’d ever seen before it. The iconic 911 is much more than just a sports car, though; it’s also a lifestyle. Porsche owners take this vehicle very seriously. Once you own one, you’ll probably want to hold onto it.

The 911 has changed a lot over the years, but the basic premise has remained the same. The 911 takes a lightweight, aerodynamic design with the engine placed in the rear of the vehicle. Nothing about the design is copied from another sports car on the market, and that’s what has made the 911 such a unique vehicle. Go to a car show and you are bound to see 911s that have been in the family for decades. The 911’s consumer loyalty is something that most car brands will never achieve.

With the current crop of 911 models, Porsche has returned to their heritage and the car is as classic as ever. Porsche enthusiasts that want an authentic driving experience have to look no further than the 911, as it’s one of the purest sports cars on the road. Sure, you can get a Corvette or a Ferrari. But there’s nothing like having an engine behind you and that signature lightweight design bolting down the freeway.

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