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Beloved Vehicles Drivers Just Can’t Get Rid Of

Cameron Eittreim October 9, 2019

2013 Honda Civic Via Motor Trend
Honda Civic via Motor Trend

10. Honda Civic

Ah, the venerable Civic. You’ve seen them around Silicon Valley, in the cities, and at just about every college. The Civic is a cultural phenomenon that introduced the world to comfortable, cheap transportation. We’ve probably all driven a Civic at some point. Many are in shoddy condition but will still start every time. In fact, that’s the Civic’s claim to fame, its bulletproof reliability that lets you know that you’re going to get to work. Civic owners tend to hold onto their cars until the plastic is cracked and the engine is blown.

Some Civic owners even love their car so much that they replace the engine. The Civic has gained a massive following in recent years in the aftermarket world. The rev-happy engine is a blast to work on. For a few hundreds you can make the Civic look amazing. Body kits galore and all kinds of accessories await. Still, all that aside, the Civic is one of the most iconic cars on the road. No matter what income bracket you’re in, you’ve probably owned one.

Toyota Corolla Via Motor Trend
Toyota Corolla via Motor Trend

9. Toyota Corolla

Dubbed the best-selling car in the world, the Corolla has been around for a long time as well. Similar to the Civic in every aspect, the Corolla is also an affordable commuter car. The Corolla has always offered an intrinsic value and with consumers, and that’s an important thing. Another benefit that the Corolla has is the longevity of its engine. It’s not uncommon to see a Corolla with 400k miles on the odometer and still running strong.

The Corolla has an average ownership time of 7.7 years, which is quite a long time considering the various product cycles cars go through. In recent years the Corolla has become a lot more upmarket. They have incorporated a sports model and innovative features such as a backup camera. No longer is the Corolla just a bare-bones commuter car, and that’s a good thing.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Via Motor Trend
Jeep Grand Cherokee via Motor Trend

8. Jeep Grand Cherokee

When it comes to iconic cars that you keep around the garage, the Jeep brand is definitely one that comes to mind. Popular with just about everyone, Jeep owners are known to hold onto their vehicles until the wheels fall off. The Grand Cherokee was introduced as one of the first luxury midsize SUVs on the market. Loaded with everything to make the driver feel comfortable, the Grand Cherokee blends ruggedness with comfort. The Grand Cherokee has average ownership of 7.8, which is quite long.

The Grand Cherokee has stellar reliability, especially in the Hemi variation. This reliability has made the Grand Cherokee a winning combination of everything that SUV buyers are looking for. While the Grand Cherokee didn’t have the open-air feeling of the Wrangler, the SUV has still been a mainstream success for Chrysler. Even the current version of the Grand Cherokee is a beautifully-designed off-road machine.

CR-V Via Motor Trend
Honda CR-V via Motor Trend

7. Honda CR-V

Honda has made its bones as an affordable car company offering stellar value. But as the 90s rolled on, there was a need for compact SUVs. The original CR-V was based on the Accord, offering a car-based SUV like the Toyota Rav4. The Honda CR-V offered a real-time AWD system and a gas efficient engine that made the SUV a dream. Owner retention on the CR-V is high because its reliability is stellar. The average owner keeps their CR-V for around 7.6 years. Part of the reason for this is that the CR-V is a car that isn’t leased very often.

Instead, CR-V owners are usually young families or retirees who are looking to purchase. The CR-V offers a variety of unique features and even a loaded EX-L option. If you want a small SUV that’s going to take you just about anywhere, but with car-like driving experience, the CR-V is going to be it. You can’t go wrong with its car-like drive and exceptional reliability ratings.

Nissan Sentra Via Nissan
Nissan Sentra via Nissan

6. Nissan Sentra

Here’s the thing. The Civic and Corolla get most of the credit for being the most affordable and reliable compact cars on the market. But there’s been another compact car that’s been around for a long time as well. The Nissan Sentra is equally as reliable as the Corolla and the Civic, bolstering most of the features. The average ownership for the Sentra is 7.1 years, much longer than the average compact.

Today’s Sentra is much more refined than previous models. The model is comparable in size to a Civic or Corolla, but like with most Nissan products, there’s a sportier aspect. The standard four-cylinder engine is quite spunky and fuel-efficient. Standard features include a backup camera and a side-view camera as well, which all help to make the car safer. Overall, the modern Sentra is a stellar vehicle to hold onto.

Elantra Via Edmunds
Hyundai Elantra via Edmunds

5. Hyundai Elantra

Japanese brand Hyundai came to the United States selling affordable subcompact cars, notoriously some of the worst ever made. Who can forget the awful Excel? The compact car was unreliable and almost cost Hyundai its reputation. The company has spent a good deal of time rebuilding its reputation, and the Elantra was one of the cars to do it. The Elantra has average ownership of 7.2 years. The reason for this its excellent warranty that is one of the best in the car business.

That helps to reassure consumers the Elantra is going to be around for a while. The car also has a plethora of standard features, some of which the Civic or Corolla don’t offer. The Elantra has a stellar four-cylinder engine and the upmarket interior makes the car a pleasure to drive. The large backseat is also a plus for families and anyone who needs to haul a passenger or two around.

Altima Via Motor Trend
Nissan Altima via Motor Trend

4. Nissan Altima

The Camry and Accord aren’t the only two sedans to come from Japan that have made an impact on the car world. The Altima has been around since the 80s and the car continues to deliver great value. Nissan markets the Altima as a sportier family sedan, and consumer loyalty shows exactly how that benefits the car. Average ownership is 7.2 years. The standard engine in the Altima is one of the most reliable. You’ll notice that the Altima has a smooth exterior style, and Nissan has held to this formula.

The Altima has offered a variety of different packages, including a Hybrid version. Whether you want a brand new Altima or a used one, this car is an exceptional value. The Altima offers the reliability of the Nissan brand and the sportiness drivers look for in a sedan. Who says a family sedan has to be boring after all?

Sierra Via GM
GMC Sierra via GM

3. GMC Sierra 1500

One of the original automotive brands in the world is GMC. The truck division of GM has been the staple of workforces and farms for decades. The Sierra is the corporate clone of the Silverado, but the Sierra has a longer average owner. Part of the reason for this is the fact that the Sierra is a more upmarket truck. The Silverado is a basic no-frills work vehicle. Most of the time, they’re beaten up pretty badly.

Modern incarnations of the GMC Sierra 1500 feature everything from leather seating to navigation. The Sierra has come a long way since the early days of the brand. In recent years, GM has invested a good deal of money into developing the Sierra. The truck offers all of the comforts of a luxury vehicle with the workhorse nature of the Silverado.

Dodge Ram Via Motor Trend
Dodge Ram via Motor Trend

2. Dodge Ram/Ram 1500

In addition to the Sierra, there’s another pickup truck that also has a loyal following. The Ram 1500 has been on a rampage since the redesign in the early 90s. Consumers just can’t get enough of the big-rig styling and the unique engine options. The Ram brand has come a long way and owners usually keep these around for 7.5 years. The Ram brand offers everything from a chassis cab to 1500.

Today’s Ram 1500 offers one of the largest digital displays in the pickup truck industry. In addition to that, there’s also the rare SRT-10, which features a Viper engine. The Ram 1500 has been a sales success for the company. If you want a truck that can handle just about anything, as well as stay running for years to come, the Ram 1500 is the perfect combination of value and functionality.

2017 Nissan Rogue Via Motor Trend
2017 Nissan Rogue via Motor Trend

1. Nissan Rogue

Yes, even Nissan has entered the compact SUV race. The Rogue started as something unique-looking unlike anything else on the road in terms of a small SUV. The four-cylinder engine has enough pep to propel the SUV with authority. The interior is roomy and features most of the latest technology to make the SUV rather comfortable. When it comes to competition from the Rav4 and the CR-V, the Rogue can hold its own. Average ownership is around 5.3 years, which is about the time it takes for a new model year.

The Rogue has been one of the best-selling vehicles for Nissan. It offers versatility like the Pathfinder but in a more fuel-efficient package. In a world of crossover vehicles, it’s nice to see an SUV that still sticks to its guns as a versatile vehicle. The Rogue is due for a redesign soon, but the current model is still a competitive product.

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