Sequoia Via Toyota
Sequoia Via Toyota

19. Toyota Sequoia

For decades, Toyota sold the 4Runner and the Land Cruiser as their only two SUV options. Both vehicles were far from refined. But the Rav4 came onto the scene in 1997 and introduced the world to a Camry-based compact SUV. With the popularity of the Rav4 came the even larger Sequoia, which, at the time, was based on the already stellar Tundra pickup truck. Toyota was the first Japanese automaker to market a full-size V8 powered SUV to compete with domestic models.

Brand loyalty to the Sequoia has been phenomenal with an average of 9.9 years of ownership. What makes the Sequoia so popular? Well, for starters, the vehicle just feels huge. Once you sit in a Sequoia, it feels different than any other SUV. Not to mention the Sequoia is factory height without any modifications. Another thing that people love about the Sequoia is the powerful I-Force V8 engine. Toyota has a knack for building engines, and the I-Force is perhaps one of the best to come out of Japan.

Three roomy rows of seats mean you can fit just about anybody in this large SUV. The Sequoia is great for going off-roading or driving to the grocery store. It’s not uncommon to see a Sequoia that has upwards of four hundred thousand miles on the odometer.

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