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40 Long-Lost Sports Cars That Can Still Provide Thrills

Cameron Eittreim June 30, 2020

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6: Cadillac CTS-V

GM decided to cram a Corvette engine and a six-speed manual transmission into this otherwise calm sedan. What you got was a fire-breathing car. The CTS-V in the first generation has gone down in price quite a bit. You can find one in decent condition for a low price tag. Yet you still get Corvette power and a decent array of luxury features.

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The CTS-V was only offered in a few color combinations, and you’ll want to find one that hasn’t been modified. Of course, tastfullyy-done modifications are fine, but you just don’t want to get one that has been raced and beaten up.

2009 Pontiac G8 GXP. X09PN_G8023 (United States)
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5: Pontiac G8

This was the final hurrah for the Pontiac brand before GM pulled the plug. We had a lot of good things to say about the G8, and there’s a good reason for that. The Pontiac G8 was one of the best rear-wheel-drive sports sedans. And it’s a shame the car didn’t get to live for that long. With a powerful LS series V8 and a ton of horsepower, the Pontiac G8 will tear up just about any pavement you want it to.

Pontiac G8
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If you’re looking for a sports sedan that’s a departure from the ordinary, this is it. The Pontiac G8 is a stellar mixture of performance and power. Plus this was the last Pontiac model ever made. This means that at some point, these G8s are going to be worth a lot of money.

Chevy SS Sedan
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4: Chevy SS

The successor to the Pontiac G8 was another short-lived performance sedan. While the Chevy SS was almost a clone of the Pontiac G8, it had a lot going for it as well. For one, the bowtie boys got a true successor to the Impala SS of the 1990s. With a good amount of power under the hood, the Chevy SS is a winner in more ways than one.

Chevy SS
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The Chevy SS looks a lot like many other Chevy sedans that have hit the market as of late. But if you can get past the rather bland looks, the Chevy SS is a winner in more ways than one. The sedan had the perfect blend of performance and features, not to mention clearance prices toward the end of production.

Chevy SSR
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3: Chevy SSR

The Chevy SSR was one of the most unique sports cars of the last two decades. The look was designed to be a modern rendition of the classic El Camino. The performance of the SSR was top-notch when you compared it to other halo cars at the time such as the Prowler. The SSR has a functional truck bed and the SSR was also a convertible, which made it even cooler.

Chevy SSR
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The prices for these cars have remained somewhat steady, and this is partly due to its unique look. The SSR is going to be a collector’s item for many years to come. The car just has so much style that you can’t go wrong.

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2: Lexus SC400

When Lexus hit the market in 1989, it introduced some of the best-designed luxury vehicles on the market. To this date, the Lexus brand has been the only Japanese competitor to give German luxury car makers a run for their money. The SC400 is a great car with a silky smooth V8 engine.

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The rear-wheel-drive design is not lacking power at all, and you’ll notice the car has a wonderful interior design as well. Even with high mileage, these cars are extremely reliable, which is a great thing for anyone who’s looking for a reasonably-priced sports coupe. There was also a V6 variant of the SC known as the SC300, which is a Toyota Supra.

Acura Legend
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1: Acura Legend

The Acura Legend is another underrated sports car that needs no introduction. The luxurious design and large interior volume of the two-door model make it a great choice. The V6 engine is more than powerful enough for most. The Legend had a lot of innovative features like vacuum-sealed doors, which made it a great choice.

Acura Legend
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The Legend was discontinued in favor of the CL, but you can still find great deals on these cars. The Legend is fairly reliable and parts are pretty cheap to get replaced. If you want a fun car that’s also comfortable you can’t go wrong with the Legend. The car has a lot going for it and there’s a substantial network of enthusiasts around.

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