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20 Cars Ford Probably Regrets Making

Cameron EittreimJanuary 23, 2020

Lincoln Blackwood
via: Edmunds

2. Lincoln Blackwood

Fewt know what Lincoln was thinking, but for one year in 2002, the company released the Blackwood. This odd and expensive pickup truck featured the first satin bed to ever be used in a production pickup truck. To make things worse, the Blackwood was only available in black, which meant that there was no customization. The Blackwood could have been a great truck for the Lincoln brand had it not been so limiting. The truck had a lot of features that just made it useless.

Lincoln Blackwood
via: Edmunds

Sure it was a good show truck, but you could go and get an F-150 for way less and still have all of the features that came in a Blackwood. The truck is seldom remembered nowadays and when you see one you quickly notice what it is. Aside from the name and the bodywork, there was nothing special about the Blackwood.

2001 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning.
via: Autoweek

1. Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

When you think of performance trucks there is one that you probably think of first. The Lightning was a performance truck on a mission, but with the second generation, Ford missed the mark. Here’s why – the truck only came in a single cab format. This alienated a good portion of the buyers who had children. Drivers want a fun truck but also need the space that comes with an extended cab truck.

The SVT Lightning could have been a great truck in the second round had there been some more options. But the fact that it was only a single cab knocked a lot of potential buyers out of the running for these. Still, the value is holding firm on these trucks to this day.

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