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Top 20 Unique Hybrids Of The New Millennium

Cameron Eittreim September 25, 2019

4. Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid was perhaps one of the most standout offerings of any hybrid vehicle. We say this because this particular model of the Chevrolet Tahoe was famous for having the words “Hybrid” up the side of the vehicle in a giant decal.

If that wasn’t enough to let you know that this Tahoe was special, there are numerous other Hybrid badges all around the vehicle. The Tahoe Hybrid did offer a substantial boost in fuel economy over the standard truck, but consumers just weren’t enthusiastic over the expensive price tag, which was close to Escalade territory.

3. BMW X6 ActiveHybrid

Hybrid vehicles aren’t exactly what you’d expect with the word luxury, buy nevertheless, the BMW brand wanted to get in on the fun as well. The BMW X6 ActiveHybrid was the first full hybrid model to come from the BMW brand, and it was quite an achievement.

Although there were already hybrid offerings from Cadillac and Lexus on the market, the X6 ActiveHybrid actually combined an element of fun. Taking a cue from the legendary BMW name, the X6 ActiveHybrid was an attractive vehicle that lived up to the BMW namesake.

2. Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford’s first foray into the hybrid sedan market was actually quite late in the game. The Fusion Hybrid burst onto the scene in 2009, offering a sporty exterior and a large interior. The Fusion Hybrid took full advantage of the same hybrid synergy drive that was in the Ford Escape.

There were subtle advantages over the basic model, such as leather seating and the integrated Sync system. Overall, the Ford Fusion Hybrid did not fail to disappoint.

1. Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Perhaps one of the most luxurious and stately hybrids to hit the market was the Toyota Avalon Hybrid. The Avalon was known as the top-of-the-line sedan in the Toyota lineup. Offering a powerful V6 engine, the Toyota Avalon Hybrid coasted through traffic with ease.

Optional luxury features such as a panoramic sunroof and real oakwood trim were nice accents. The Toyota Avalon Hybrid also came equipped with the revised CVT transmission, boasting increased acceleration and reliability.

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