Top 20 Unique Hybrids Of The New Millennium

By Cameron Eittreim
Top 20 Unique Hybrids Of The New Millennium

Hybrid cars have become the norm in today’s automotive industry. But they’ve only recently become a mainstream vehicle. In the earlier parts of the 2000s, hybrid vehicles were expensive. The hybrid was an attempt to extend the mileage of gas-powered cars, and it worked. Some of the hybrid vehicles were feeble, but others were great, such as the Toyota Prius. Although there isn’t as much hoopla surrounding hybrids as there used to be, they’re still around.

Hybrid vehicles have many advantages, the main one being their less damaging impact on the environment. There are also some disadvantages to hybrids as well, such as their expensive battery replacement. There has also been a good deal of controversy surrounding hybrid vehicles such as the GM EV-1, which was destroyed by the automaker to much dismay.

As technology progresses, the hybrid vehicle is only going to get better, even morphing into fully electric-powered cars. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the most iconic hybrid vehicles that have come out in the last two decades with data courtesy of Edmunds. Some of them you might remember, and some you might have never seen before.

20. Honda Insight

This little egg-shaped hybrid was one of the first mass-produced hybrid vehicles in America; in fact, it was number one. The Honda Insight didn’t offer a lot in terms of comfort, as the car was basically a barebones two-seat Honda Civic.

But the car offered a good deal of fuel economy. The Honda Insight came in some funky hues, which made the car stand out from the crowd. You’ll often see these cars still driving around major metropolitan cities, and they have held their resale value quite well.

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