Photo Credit: Ford Muscle

15. Ford Voodoo V8

The renaissance of American performance in 2010 brought many fantastic engines from domestic car brands. Ford presented a modern, powerful 5.0 V8 called the Coyote in 2010. It featured modern components, variable valve timing systems, 32-valve heads, and much more. But, despite the Coyote being fantastic, the Voodoo V8 took the crown for the best modern Ford engines. It is also one of the best production units in America. With 5.2 liters of displacement, they based the Voodoo on the Coyote V8 architecture, but just barely. Ford’s SVT team gave it some different components and characteristics.

Photo Credit: The Drive

First, the Voodoo features a flat-plane crankshaft, an exotic solution for a muscle car engine. Second, it has newly-designed high flow heads and forged pistons. Third, it has heavy-duty internals and exhaust systems. The results are fascinating. The Voodoo delivers 526 HP, more than 100 HP per liter of displacement. It redlines at 8,250 rpm, unbelievable for a V8 engine. The Voodoo is the most advanced muscle car engine with technology equal to exotic European cars. Presently, the Voodoo is only available in the Shelby GT350 and its more powerful GT350 R variant.

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