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Modern V8 Engines That Changed The Car Game

Vukasin Herbez July 30, 2020

Photo Credit: Quattro World

2. Audi 4.0 Twin-Turbo TFSI DOHC

Although Audi has perfected five-cylinder turbocharged engines and high-revving V10 featured in its R8 supercar and Lamborghini Gallardo/Huracan, the latest gem from Ingolstadt is a fantastic twin-turbo V8 with 4.0-liters of displacement and the latest in direct injection technology and engine management.

Photo Credit: Esquire

The result is fantastic – 591 HP and 590 lb-ft of torque. This V8 is destined to debut in the brand-new 2020 Audi RS6 Avant, the fastest station wagon currently on sale. Also, it will be installed in other Audi models in the future.

Photo Credit: Motor 1

1. Ford 7.3 Godzilla V8

You know about Coyote 5.0-liter Ford puts in the Mustang and you heard about fantastic Voodoo 5.2-liter V8 it uses for the Shelby GT350 but what is the new 7.3-liter Godzilla? It’s one of the hottest new V8 engines designed especially for heavy-duty trucks and towing. The 7.3-liter gained much attention from fans for its unique characteristics and distinctive old-school approach in a modern package.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The 7.3-liter Godzilla V8 is a push-rod, small-block, gasoline V8 engine which looks like it could be designed in the ’60s. But using the latest technologies, state-of-the-art fuel injection systems, modern castings, and electronic engine management, drivers got the best of both worlds. The new 7.3-liter is brutally dependable, tough, and easy to repair and at the same time very economical for what it is, powerful and can last millions of miles. The nominal power figures are 430 HP and 475 lb-ft of torque but the Blue Oval is just waiting to release much more from this package.

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