Five Ridiculous Car Trends We Wish Had Never Started

By Vukasin Herbez
Five Ridiculous Car Trends We Wish Had Never Started


Before we get going with roasting some annoying car trends, lets get a few points out the way. First, and perhaps most importantly, we here at Motor Junkie respect everyone’s right to own and mod their cars however they like.

In the interest of not being sued by potentially irate car owners who may see their pride and joy teared to shreds today, we apologize in advance. Now that’s out the way, let’s get to tearing some new a-holes in the worst car fads known to man.

Here’s what happens when you go to the local kids school and ask for a ‘fashionable’ vinyl wrap…

No Photoshop

Everything we examine in today’s tribe of wacky cars is legit. Although you mau think it has to be photo shopped, some nutter in the darkest corner of the planet has gone there, and done that to their ride.

Obviously some of these mods would seem outrageous to the ‘normal’ car owner, but everyone has different tastes. Some fads died out quickly, some are bigger than we’d like them to be.

OK, no more bullsh*tting, here’s the most terrible car trends we wish had never started.

GTR? Yeah nobody likes a standard GTR nowadays…

Stupid Spoilers

OK, so a spoiler is by no means the worst modification you can put on your car. That said, the recent trend of unnecessarily large and weird shaped spoilers is quite annoying. Especially with the vehicle above, these monstrosities do little more than draw negative attention.

Although most drivers wouldn’t see the sense in putting 100 pounds of metal on the back of their ride, this is most certainly a growing craze. In terms of actually making you car perform better, it’s questionable, as far as looks, there’s no doubt this will ruin any decent ride.

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