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Celebrities In Serious Driving Trouble: Where Are They Now?

Cameron EittreimMay 28, 2021

Photo Credit: Lucas Films

7: George Lucas

The creator of ‘Star Wars’ is seldom seen in the limelight, but he does participate in celebrity racing events from time to time. He was involved in a crash at one. It was quite a spectacular one, but luckily the movie director managed to get out of the car with a few scratches on him. Lucas has since participated in quite a few other celebrity racing events with no injuries.

Photo Credit: Lucas Films

Lucas might be one of the best movie creators that we’ve ever seen, but as a racecar driver, his skill isn’t there. Not everyone is cut out to drive on a track and Lucas is an example of that. He should stick to creating excellent movie franchises like Star Wars because he is great at it.

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6: Lil Twist

Being best friends with Justin Bieber has a lot of advantages. Part of that is driving his cars. Lil Twist has done that time and time again and ended up costing the star quite a bit in legal fees. First, he got a DUI in one of Bieber’s expensive luxury cars, and then he wrecked another one not too long after.

Photo Credit: TMZ

This just goes to show that even best friends can be a liability at some point. Bieber seems to frequent this kind of behavior. We can only wonder what crazy thing Lil Twist will do next. His music career hasn’t gone the way he wanted, so hanging out with another music star is the next best thing.

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5: Britney Spears

It has been an up and down rollercoaster for Spears, and it often involved a vehicle of some kind. Her most famous mishap came at the expense of a paparazzi member, where she went crazy and bashed his windows in with an umbrella.

Photo Credit: TMZ

She was taken to civil court and nowadays she has a conservatorship to stop her from doing this kind of behavior. When you get fed up anything can happen. And it did that night when Spears was driven over the edge after years of being followed around by the Paparazzi.

Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

4: Nicole Richie

Although Richie is the daughter of famed singer Lionel Richie, her actual claim to fame was being on a reality TV show with Paris Hilton. When that happened Richie became someone everyone knew. She was arrested for driving up the wrong side of a California freeway while under the influence.

Not a good look and Richie was eventually sent to rehab for her issues. These days, Richie is doing a lot better and has semi-exited the spotlight. But a decade ago she was on the same destructive path as other stars from her generation.

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3: George Michael

Michael was an iconic singer and music producer who changed the way we looked at pop music. Unfortunately, before his untimely demise, he was also quite a bad driver, getting into trouble more than once. Michael got arrested for driving under the influence as well as crashing a Ferrari.

Photo Credit: E!

Like most celebrities from this era, Michael was suffering from substance abuse problems. He had an addiction that was very hard to control and it ended up taking his life at a young age. Still, we are focusing on the fact that Michael wasn’t the best driver, as is the case with most celebrities who buy expensive sports cars.

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2: Maya Rudolph

Rudolph made a name for herself on Saturday Night Live, and there’s no denying how funny she is. But this also doesn’t translate to having driving skills, where she is lacking. The small crash that damaged the mirror on a BMW was caught by TMZ cameras.

Photo Credit: E!

People make mistakes, but hitting a bunch of garbage cans and breaking your mirror is not just a simple accident. Perhaps she was on the phone or just not paying attention. Other than that the SNL star hasn’t been arrested for any drug-relating offenses.

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1: Halle Berry

You might not believe it, but Berry has had her fair share of run-ins with the law. She once hit a driver and left the scene of the accident. Berry got community service and a $13,500 fine. The other driver wasn’t harmed either thankfully.

Halle Berry – Height, Weight, AgePhoto Credit: E!

Berry is a cautious person, so it’s surprising that she’d get in trouble like this. Nevertheless, you don’t know what someone is going through no matter how affluent they are. Berry learned a lesson and she hired a personal driver by now.

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